All Envato Elements Requests Go In Here

To get more update please join Telegram: Contact @secuhex

From now on all Envato Elements requests must go in this thread.

All who have access to Envato Elements are welcome to fulfill requests in this thread and we welcome you to do so - however starting your own thread is no longer allowed. When fulfilling requests please put the download links inside spoiler tags so that non members can’t access them.

Eligibility Rules:

  • You may request 3 items per day but there is no guarantee all your requests will be filled.
  • You MUST have made a comment.
  • Your account must be at least 10 mins old.
  • You cannot repost an unfulfilled request within 72 hours.

This thread will be constantly monitored and posts not meeting the above requirements will be deleted and potentially warning points or even permanent bans will be issued.