[COURSE/TUTORIAL] Udemy - Create Telegram Bot with Python

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Ever Wonder to get your own Telegram bot on Python
Here's a tutorial for Python bot on telegram

:memo: Topics

—» Introduction.mp4
—» Create a Telegram Bot.mp4
—» A Look at Telegram Online Documentaion.mp4
—» Using Python Requests to make API calls.mp4
—» Using Telegram API wrapper.mp4
—» IDE Setup.mp4
—» Command Handler.mp4
—» Message Handler.mp4
—» Inline Keyboard Button.mp4
—» Location Share Keyboard Button.mp4
—» Open Weather Map API.mp4
—» OWM API Wrapper.mp4
—» Python Function to get weather forecasts.mp4
—» Complete Working Example.mp4
—» GoodBye.mp4

Materials are attested in zip format

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