Discounted Udemy Course Enroller | GUI | CLI | COLAB

A script/software for automatically enrolling/joining 100% discounted Udemy courses for free. Get Paid Udemy courses for free with just a few clicks.


  • Open Source
  • Fully automatic
  • Auto login or manual login
  • Different ways to run it
    • GUI (Graphical User Interface) -Recommended.
    • CLI (Graphical Line Interface)
    • Colab (Google Colab)

Download: Discounted Udemy Course Enroller

Frequently Asked Questions(

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For those of you who don’t know, this is the creator of DUCE. A Udemy Enroller which enrolls your account to multiple course at once just with one click.


We at SecuHex welcome you to our community @techtanic. I hope you create more projects like DUCE and share it with everyone.

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Welcome @techtanic . You are a great Dev and I added you to Developer Group.


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@techtanic My antivirus Shown that.

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