Easy idle money

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Hey guys
I have found a small method that makes a little bit of cash now and then. Requires no investment, just a little bit of your time to create an account and run their app.

Basically what you’ll be doing is sharing your internet to companies. The process itself is very simple, you just need to keep their app running on your PC. This is available to Windows, MAC and Linux (over WINE) users. Android app is coming soon.

Let’s dive in. First of all, you should head to this website and create an account there.

Link- https://iproyal.com/pawns?r=144545

After you made an account there, download their app from ‘downloads’ page for your OS. Set it up, log in and watch the money flow. :money_with_wings:

This won’t make you somewhat rich, but I personally think that some extra cash for using your PC on daily basis will help. Current exchange rate is 1 USD for 5 GB of your data. Payouts are happening from 1 USD to PayPal and from 5 USD to BTC.