Free Hosting 2GB PHP space 20GB monthly traffic DirectAdmin

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Free space in the United States : ¥0.00 /half a year

  • space : 2GB
  • monthly traffic : 20GB
  • database : MySQL
  • script support : PHP5.6~PHP8.0
  • background control panel : Chinese DirectAdmin
  • line : telecommunications CN2 GIA

1. Demo


How to get:

  1. Application:
  2. Registration code: 95p446xg

First, go to the free space application address and click Buy Now.

No free PHP space application for digging sites

Then, click to enter the coupon code and fill in the above registration code, which is dedicated to the free space.

No free PHP space registration code

Then you can see that the cost is 0 yuan, click to place an order.

Whether to place an order in the free PHP space

The order is successfully placed, and you can see that the order is completed.

Whether the free PHP space is successfully placed in the digging site

Click “Serial Number” in the upper right corner.

No free PHP space serial number

Here you can see the free space you just applied for-the serial number. The serial number is your space management certificate, and there will be an account and password.

No free PHP space key time for digging sites

Enter the DA space management background from the upper right corner of “Digging site free space” (this address is a jump address, in order to prevent the background address from changing, it is recommended to enter from here).

Does the digging site free PHP space enter the background?

Log in with your account and password. After logging in, it is recommended to change the password first to ensure security.

Digging site whether free PHP space starts to log in

2. Free space usage

This is the Chinese DA panel. It is not complicated to get started. It mainly includes binding domain name, FTP, MysqL, online file management, etc. Note: If your page is in English, please drag the page to the bottom and click to switch languages ​​in the lower right corner. (Click to enlarge)

No free PHP space background interface

2.1 Bind domain name

By default, a domain name will be bound when the free space is opened. You can just add and bind a new domain name without worrying about it. For friends who don’t have a domain name, can you provide a free second-level domain name to use? Please send a work order in the background of the website. However, applying for a free domain name is also simple: Free domain names .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq apply for registration and DNS resolution .

Whether to dig a site to bind a domain name in the free PHP space

If you check SSL, you need to resolve the DNS of your domain name to the IP of the free space first (the IP address of the server can be seen by clicking the DNS management section of the DA panel). Click Domain Management again to force SSL access to be redirected.

No free PHP space to modify the domain name

2.2 Free SSL

The DA panel provides free SSL certificates. Friends who want to enable SSL access, click on SSL certificate management, and then select “Free & Automatic Let’s Encrypt Certificate”, and check your @ and www domain names for issuing SSL certificates, second level Do not include www in the domain name. Before this step, you must first resolve the DNS of your domain name to the server and make sure that the DNS has taken effect.

No Free PHP Space Free SSL

If the SSL certificate is successfully issued, the server will automatically renew it.

Whether the free PHP space is automatically renewed

2.3 Switch PHP

Click “Domain Management”, then select your website, there will be a “Switch PHP version” function.

Digging site whether free php space switch php

At present, the free PHP space of digging site provides PHP5.6, PHP7.3, PHP7.4 and PHP8.0, which can basically meet the needs of most friends. If you encounter problems with the PHP version, please send work Single consultation. After switching the PHP version, click Save to take effect.

No free PHP space to choose the version of digging site

2.4 FTP management

Click FTP management first, here you need to create an FTP account first.

No free PHP space to create FTP

Then, open your FTP software and fill in the FTP address as: (or directly write the server IP address), the port default is: 21 . And the FTP account and password you just created.

Do digging sites use FTP software for free PHP space?

This is the login interface of the FTP software. Please pay attention to the picture below. This is the root directory of the website. You need to upload files to this directory.

No free PHP space root directory of the digging site

For local telecommunications networks, the upload and download speeds are basically maintained above 500KB/s using FTP to test the speed.

Free PHP space upload speed

No free PHP space download speed

2.5 Online file management

Online file management can save you the trouble of using FTP software. If you have more than one domain name, you can click to view it in the online file manager.

No free PHP space online file management

After entering the domain name folder, pay attention to the root directory of the website, as shown below:

The root directory of the free PHP space website

Online file management can copy, delete, move, decompress, modify permissions, etc.

No free PHP space for digging sites to move and copy

This is the upload file.

Digging site whether to upload files in free PHP space

2.6 MysqL database

Click the “MysqL” database to create a new database.

No free PHP spatial database for digging sites

After the creation is complete, click “PHPMyAdmin” for online management.

No free PHP space online PHPMyAdmin

This is PHPMyAdmin database management, you can import and export databases and other operations.

No free PHP space export and import database

3. Free space issues

3.1 Backup

Here, I will talk about the backup separately, the purpose is to remind novice friends to put the backup first in the use of free space . The backup provided by the DA panel is very good.

No free PHP space backup for digging sites

If you encounter problems with your space, you can also click Restore.

Free PHP space recovery

But here is a special reminder that you must download your backup files locally and put them in a network disk or mobile hard disk. The backup file created by DA panel can be viewed and downloaded via FTP or online file manager.

No free PHP space to download backup files

3.2 Renewal

In order to ensure that limited resources are not wasted, the default validity period of the opened free space is half a year. If you want to continue using it after half a year, you can directly submit a renewal work order, stating your order number, serial number, and renewal time. Successfully renewed.

Whether to renew the free PHP space


At present, the free space is 2GB capacity and 20GB monthly traffic. You can bind 4 domain names and 3 FTP in total, which is enough to meet everyone’s needs for building a website.

The free space is only for students or novice friends to experience and build a website. Please do not build movies, video games, music, software downloads, emails, etc. that violate China and the United States and other laws and regulations, especially articles and pictures related to political affairs are prohibited. information. Once the server is blocked or the IP is Q, it is the majority of users and friends who will be harmed. Therefore, whether the free space can be operated for a long time requires everyone to jointly create a healthy environment.

Thank you for the extensive tutorial chief @Code404.

Really Appreciated Your Sharing Brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: