Free Private Office 365 For Members only - Tasked

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Today Secuhex Team give another gift for our members:

Every members Who signup with Google mail, Microsoft mail, Facebook, Github Please reply here to get your free private office 365 account. You can change password to your own. :wink: :gift:


  1. Like this Topic first
  2. Change you Profile Picture.
  3. You need to have read time= 2hours or posted a good topic only (Prevent leech users). @Team will check.
  4. We need some time to check every request and create O365 account. So it would take up to 48 hours to get your account. If I online or on Sat/Sun you will be get your account faster.

Enjoy! :heart:


I need bro, please send me

Me . [email protected]

I need it too, Thanks

Yes, plz !
here is my email: [email protected]
thx in advance :pray:

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Check your inbox for your account.

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@CHAN You already have one. Why you need it?

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l just thought that this is the new sharing of Private office 365 only.
l might confused. and also am not greedy person as well.
thanks for ur reminding :relaxed:

your edu mail much more private than this. it created by your own hand. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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me : [email protected]


@MSPT Check your inbox for your account.

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It’s working. thank u so much


Great. Signin in your Microsoft office to get office365 license. Enjoy!!!

bro please i need one thank you

How many years can it be used?

i need it, thank you.

Which is better between office 365 and office 2019?

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I want it too brother

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I need one bro please