Free RDP - 7GB RAM | 2 Cores | 6 Hours Repeatable

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This RDP works for 6 Hours. But its Repeatable So You Can Create New RDP Every Six Hours…


Only For member who register and reply this Topic.

Enjoy! :heart:



I don’t know, How to do?


Basic 4 step to everyone:

  1. Use Brave Browser with private mode. if you don’t have download here
  2. Signup new Outlook mail.
  3. Signup Github with your new Outlook mail.
  4. Signup Ngrok with your new Outlook mail.

When you done with all above step just reply here and I will private chat to you for the method.
Please note that this is not for newbie.

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I’m don with your step bro


Private message sent.

Follow this step first and then Reply here again after you done.

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Our Fast Learner @Chanthy_Than1 with his RDP.

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Hello I want to use this.

I’m done with 4 step brother.

Thanks bro. It’s working fine.

I’m done with 4 steps

i’m done with 4 step

I’m done with all step. Thank!

I’m done with 4 step.

Private Message Sent.

Speedtest with free RDP 10000mbps

Great it works. Thank for you support bong @Code404