[Giveaway] 5TB OneDrive + Office365 for Free

Please follow below steps to get 5TB OneDrive + Office365 + other.
I have tested it.

  1. Go to https://t.odmail.cn/ (US IP may not work. If not working use VPN )
    Use google translate for English. If you know Mandarin then no problem :sweat_smile:

  2. Press refresh on right-top, to get random mail, you can also try your own username by clicking edit(note+pencil) and enter username (lowercase) only (Eg: abc) @t.odmail.cn will added automatically. Copy email address.

  3. Open in new tab Student

  4. Enter your email which you generated in https://t.odmail.cn and press β€œsign up”. If email already used, try another.

  5. Enter random first name, last name, password and verification code from https://t.odmail.cn

  6. Click Start , Next page will be invite more, just β€œ Skip ”.

  7. Press β€œ Next ” when prompted more information require.
    Complete anyone of two, either Phone or security questions (I prefer questions)
    Select questions and enter answers. Its Simple!
    Then Press β€œ Save Answers ”

  8. Click β€œ Finish ”. Thats it.
    You will be redirected to office365. Enjoy!!


Note: I don’t know for how long link will be active and for what time OneDrive will work. I got this from one Chinese blog. So, I will recommended not to store important/personal data.

Additional Info: You can also apply for 25TB expansion (I don’t know what you are planning to store :sweat_smile:). Not Tested!

Everyone please try following temp mails, if t.odmail.cn not working:

Please, kindly read all the posts (for solution) and note before complaining.

is this legit? will it expired?

This not guaranty how long does it work.