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WinExt Pro Giveaway

WinExt Pro Giveaway

WinExt Pro is a set of useful tools that allow you to take control of the lack of space on your computer. The utility helps you manage resources efficiently on your hard drives. This giveaway get’s you a one year license for the program.

With WinExt Pro, you can identify duplicate files, find large resources, learn system information, and perform batch operations. You can also quickly make room on your drives by removing duplicate files or large resources that take up a lot of space and you might not even know about. WinExt Pro also makes it easy to synchronize selected resources, both in automatic and manual mode.

Feature Highlights

  • It quickly finds duplicates of files based on their content.
  • Displays the size of all the disks, folders, and files to find large resources.
  • Shows recent access to resources and additional information about them (path, size, type, date of change, date of creation, etc.).
  • Tracks Windows activity (actions over computer resources).
  • Does batch work with selected resources (moving to the shopping cart, finally deleting, copying/ moving to another location, renaming, output, and property changes).
  • Manually or automatically synchronizes your resources to other places.


How to get a free license?

Follow steps below to activate your free one year license from WinEXT Pro Giveaway :

  1. First of all, Download WinExt Pro , install it (just follow the standard on-screen instructions) and run it after installation.
  2. In program’s main window, click “ Upgrade to pro ” anchor in the header and click “ Input License Key “, then enter the following key in the field:
  • WE-12360423296102-NWDN
  1. Click “ Activate ” (or Register) button and program will be activated.
  2. That’s it, Enjoy your license!


  • 2-year license is provided, for personal (non-commercial) use only.
  • Free updates are included during the license period.
  • No free technical support is included.

it’s working perfectly woah i really need this application since there is no HDD on my system so I need to configure and manage my files with this application and with your free license now I can able to save and manage my storage …

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That’s good to hear @HANUMAN_SAI

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TQ @Darth_Vader so much for sharing us the good source.

You’re welcome @TOLA . It’s nice to see people interacting with the posts. I shall find more.

If possible, can you please share us the correct way either the method of this software how to use it effectively or the advantage and disadvantage :pray:

As my own small experience, so far l used to try another software which l forgot its name to clean-up the PC in-order to increase the HDD space. Unfortunately, after restarted, the PC was stuck at the logo of starting-up the Window. It seemed that that software cleaned all the caches that included with the necessary files to boot-up the Windows.

That’s why to avoid this issue not to be happened again, l raised the request up like this.
Once again thanks for your understanding and don’t be mad me. Its just a small opinion. :hugs:

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No problem @TOLA. Don’t hesitate to ask any question or raise any request(altho I prefer PM) on my posts. Love to see people interacting with each other and me. :innocent:

Now for your problem…

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Really appreciated with thankful for your accepting my request, @Darth_Vader :kissing_cat:

We Hope you share your Knowlege and experience in here too. We don’t care how simple is it but it will help newbie user.

Thank you @Shen for the kind words. It means a lot to me.

Yes, absolutely correct, @Shen
No matter how much the size of the sharing is, it would be helped us to get to know it and understand what it is about.

Next software giveaway will have instructions on how to use the software properly and safely :ok_hand:.