How To Use Camtasia Studio Trial Forever | Easy Method!

  1. Have Camtasia studio trial installed (Make sure at least 1 day left of trial)

  2. Install and then run time stopper

  3. Open the file location of Camtasia Studio shortcut (it’s on your desktop most likely -> left-click and click open file location)

    • Copy the track of Camtasia location (Will look similar to this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Camtasia Studio 8)
  4. Click " Browse " in TimeStopper and paste the track of Camtasia location then choose the program CamtasiaStudio.exe

  5. Enter a name to create a desktop icon and click " Create a desktop shortcut "

  6. Delete the original short-cut

  7. Enjoy & the time never ends!

Download time stopper: