[LEAK] Unlimted Google Drive Space - UPDATED JUL 2021

Unlimited Google Shared Drive now is extremely easy to get and just a click away. DO NOT ABUSE THE SYSTEM.

Here are some team drive generators you can use to generate drives.

We strongly suggest generating one Shared drive in one month. Just to be safe and not overload the systems


  • The first box is the name of your team drive or shared drive.
  • In the second box put in your email.
  • Choose from the list of team drive providers.
  • Solve the captcha.
  • Click on get.
  • Wait until it says with an "OK" notification.

Here you can find your shared drive - Your Drive

Note: Reload page after adding a shared drive.

Here are proof shared drives:

Credit: Razor and JovialH4ckr

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: Ive created two shared drives , very valuable content you are sharing without expecting nothing
God Bless you!!

Have one doubt , Is there any expiration for these shared drives?

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It depends on two things. The college administrators of that Google Workspace and the type of content you add to that shared drive. It’s difficult to say how long it will last. Mine have lasted for 6+ months now without any problem :point_down: .

Don’t upload anything too personal like identity documents. Just do games or shows in zip, 7z or tar files. I’ve found zipping the files to be very inconspicuous.


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Thank you @Vannak_Qed for your input. Your submission is added and credited to you in our post.

Keep it up.

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Thank you.

pretty good