Lynda Courses Downloader with GUI

Lynda Courses Downloader with GUI that downloads lynda courses by scraping them [v1.0.0]

Why use this lynda downloader?

  • The only Lynda Courses Downloader with a GUI as I couldn’t find any other working ones
  • Easy to use
  • Cross platform
  • Download in the video quality you like
  • Doesn’t need the lynda desktop app
  • Download Exercise files will be added soon
  • Upload directly to google drive will be added soon

Change log [1.0.0]

  • Added a quick installer on windows
  • Automatically check for updates on app launch (Windows version)
  • Font is installed with the app to give a consistent design
  • Added a logger
  • Handled errors better
  • Most errors are now logged instead of thrown
  • If an error occurs during extraction, extraction will restart instead of stop
  • Detects videos with no captions to prevent errors
  • Increase in extraction speed by 20%~50%


How to use

  • Windows

Just run the Setup file. A shortcut will be added to your desktop and start menu

  • Linux

Open a terminal in the directory of the LyndaCoursesDownloader program then type :

  chmod 777 ./LyndaCoursesDownloader

and to run the program type:



LyndaCoursesDownloader-v1.0.0-WindowsSetup.exe 11.2 MB

LyndaCoursesDownloader-v1.0.0-linux-x64.tar.gz 36.6 MB

LyndaCoursesDownloader-v1.0.0-macos-x64.tar.gz 37.8 MB

Credit: Ahmedayman4a