Make your own Aria2 Torrent Leecher-Supports Direct upload to Gsuite & TD

Follow this steps :-

1 . Open heroku signup
Note: - select “Role” as "professional developer’ and primary language as “GO”.
(You can skip this step if you already have an account in heroku)
2 . Now do the mail verification and login to your account.
3. Now Click this Link .
4. Click the Deploy button (the one in purple).

5. Name the app whatever you like and also the RPC Secret as per your choice.
6. Click Deploy app.Thats it…done.
7. Click view app…and enjoy.

It supports direct upload to google teamdrive,Gsuite,Onedrive etc
You just need to enter rclone config and destination (name of the folder-in which it will be saved eg.downloads)
Ideally it should work for every host that rclone supports

  • But so far I have tried it with Gsuite and TD - Recommended

It doesn’t work with Onedrive well…slow upload speed and many issues…Do not use this with Onedrive


  1. Setup Rclone by following offical instructions: . You need basic knowledge of rclone for direct upload to work.You can search On utube how to make rclone remote.Its super easy.If u already hv setup Rclone remote than u dont need to make new one
  2. Find your rclone.conf file, it should look like this inside it:

client_id = WHATEVER
client_secret = WHATEVER
scope = WHATEVER
token = WHATEVER
team_drive =WHATEVER

others entries…
Find the drive you want to use, and copy its type = … to … token = … section/TD id (Incase of TD) and paste In rclone config tab of heroku.Do not paste the Config name…so many ppl saying its not working,
its not working bcoz u guys r pasting the config name “[DRIVENAME]” which is this in this example
You hv to follow my guide word to word coz even if u do any one small mistake it wont work

eg of what u hv to enter in heroku rclone config tab :-
client_id = WHATEVER
client_secret = WHATEVER
scope = WHATEVER
token = WHATEVER
team_drive =WHATEVER

For rclone destination Tab of heroku u can name of the folder in which u want it to be saved (eg-Downloads)

Remember the Rpc secret u put when u r deploying in heroku…the app will ask the same password for login…without correct pw it will throw Authorization Failed error

For Rclone setup guide refer this

You dont need to create client id and secret in step 5 just press enter in step 6 and 7 it will pickup by default

For testing ur rclone config u can use

For Troubleshooting u shd do this:-
open heroku dashboard select ur app on top right side options select logs open app then put small file for testing…see logs simultaneously-it shd say uploaded in the logs at the end after it finishes downloading

Demo Image:

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succeed. thanks for sharing will appreciate it.

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you are do a great job. :wink: