[TOOL] Windscribe VPN Trial Account Creator

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Windscribe VPN provides 10 GB free bandwidth to Trial verified users! This bot helps create these trial accounts fast.
It does verify the email on its own. So This bot will do entire work from signup, Verify, Generate User and Password, Export Credentials For you.


  • Does not require any browser or selenium.
  • Proxy will Auto Generate.
  • If you are using this bot for the first time, and you are creating only 1 account have enabled the no proxy option then it will work well. But, WindScribe does not let the same IP to create multiple accounts for 1 to 2 days. So if you are getting "Failed" then use a VPN or enable Proxies!
  • If you are creating multiple accounts the bot is automatically set to Proxies On mode! You know the reason!
  • Windscribe Need every user to verify email before using but don’t worry this bot do for you.
  • All Account details are saved in ACCOUNTS.txt file.


  1. Choose number of accounts (1 for single account)
  2. Choose y or n to use proxy ( n for only 1 account).
    In case you choose y you will ask for proxy type ( http, sock4, sock5), choose it one.
  3. In this Step you just stay calm and wait for your accounts. Enjoy!!!


Version 1.2.1 (Latest)

  • Auto Email Verification Added.`
  • ProxyScrape option added
  • .exe Compiled by @Code404


Version 1.2.1 (Latest): Click Here to Download Windscribe VPN Trial Account Creator

Version 1.2 (old):

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