Torrent To Google Drive Downloader

What is the purpose of it?

  1. Because of Google Servers’ speed, I downloaded 12GB of a file and the average speed was 60MBPS.
  2. Because it is in the cloud, by that I mean I can access it anywhere on my phone, tablet, etc without copying files around

How To

  1. Go to this link: Torrent To Google Drive Downloader
  2. Follow this video

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get more disk space :

Go to Runtime -> Change Runtime and give GPU as the Hardware Accelerator.
You will get around 384GB to download any torrent you want.

  1. Downloading missing files without re-downloading whole torrent : If somehow some files are missing try to re-download torrent. Fastresume will check files.



thank you for sharing this…tested working great!