Treasure Cloud - 20GB Encrypted Storage (up to 800GB+)

Treasure Cloud - 20GB Encrypted Storage (up to 800GB+)

Treasure is the only platform that lets you connect all your cloud storage accounts in a single place, without compromising your privacy or security.


  • First register on Treasure Cloud
    (Note : Referral link gets you 10+10GB on signup)
    Else use no refer link : here
  • After sign up, go to Settings to check storage.
  • Connect other Cloud Storages :

You can choose to encrypt files while uploading to other cloud storages too.

Extra Tips:

  • Use any temporary mail to quickly max out your referral bonus storage up to 800GB free.
    I use or any temp mail of your choice.

  • Stay tuned for additional storage by using promotion codes.
    (Please note that this coupon will expire soon. In case of expiration, just look for active one)

To get more update join telegram : Telegram: Contact @secuhex

Is it necessary to change IP address by using vpn to sign up for referral invitation with fakemails?

Not necessarily friend. You can proceed without VPN.

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Great. promoted to trusted. keep it up.

Thank you very much for this I got free online storage! Wonderful!