[UDEMY] 100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021 | 1 Sep 2021

@Darth_Vader , thanks a bunch, i have managed to download and extract the files and now i have the full course. I’ll keep you posted if any challenge arises.

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If all the files extract properly, you should be okay to start learning. 1 Sections per Day.

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Unfortunatly the link is down again for pastebin… Any help with the direct link to file… Preferably mediashare

It works fine.

Check solution post of topic. New link added

Apologies, i had a couple of add-ons blocking the link… i have managed to download them all now going to post after the extraction is done. Thanks a lot @Darth_Vader

Wow such an awesome jackpot in one place
great work pal @Darth_Vader

can i get the mediaFire link for part6 @Darth_Vader

The account I uploaded to has maxed out. You should use Filesfm or Gofileio

all of the link i already tried. they started downloading with low speed.

although thank u for your reply and link

I suggest copying the Filesfm link and add it as a download into a download manager. gofile can be unresponsive. It’s a self-made project. I suggest XDM. It is free to use. You can disable with one-click when done. I will also download and upload if possible.


This is a backup for Angela_Python_Course.7z.006. Uploaded to rapidgator. U should get lighting fast speeds now.

backup - Angela_Python_Course.7z.006 - Pastebin.com

Password : secuhex

thank u bro its work
i really wnt to learn this course thank u

I am getting file not found only for the last part that I got from Pastebin.com - Locked Paste
i.e Pastebin.com - Locked Paste in this the last part has been deleted. If any of you have it, can you please send me a new link?

Looks like even this is down bro… Do you have any other links only for the last part?

Can you reupload the 6th file please, it doesn’t exist on all the links you offered,
Thank you :slight_smile: