Windows 11 Classic Context Menu v1.0

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Developer: Sordum Team

The context (Right Click) menu in Windows 11 is redesigned and kept with limited entries when compared to old windows . It includes a row of icons for basic actions like copy, paste, and delete, but hides some functionality you might want behind a ‘Show More Options’ button this mean Every time we need to press an extra option to see all the context menu options. We will make a brief assessment of the cost to the world of the “show more” option that Microsoft added to the Windows 11 desktop context menu.

If you are looking for a one click solution to Disable or Enable the New Context Menu in Windows 11 instead of dealing with registry entries you can use Win 11 Classic Context Menu v 1.0 Portable freeware Application. It has minimalistic interface Use first Button “Enable Win 11 Classic Context Menu Style” button to disable “Show More Options” from the Right Click Menu in Windows 11

Get the Classic (old) Context Menu on Windows 11

To disable the classic Context Menu in Windows 11 use second button “Enable Win 11 default Context Menu Style”, If you need to restart Windows explorer, software will detect it and warn you

Get the Default Context Menu on Windows 11

Windows 11 Classic Context menu has CMD parameter support. To see all the supported command line parameters , use the Menu – “Command Line Info” Button.

win11 classic context menu cmd parameters

With this Application you can easily toggle between Old Windows 10 Right Click Context Menu and default Windows 11 Context menu.

Supported operating systems: Windows 11

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SHA1: 799969c3d0acf0135178e2aa2224f868316ecd08