[WTA] How to fix windows 10 logo stuck at boot (Solved)

Recently my pc run into trouble after istalling a program called bluestacks (a vitual machine for android) my pc hangs then i turn off, turn it back on my pc wont boot keep showing windows logo takes 10 minute to open up but everything seems very slow even clicking an image still need to wait, i have no idea how to fix hope someone can help me solve this issue thank you

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Before We give you a solution please:

  1. Tell us about your Window spec (eg. Window version, CPU, RAM, GPU…)
  2. Your Bluestack version. Where you download from?
  3. Your available Hard disk space

My cpu amd fx 6350 six core processors, RAM 8GB, GPU GTX 1060 6GB

bluestack download installer from official site got a file BlueStacksInstaller_4.200.0.4012_native_54e38f1b9a11508189ca096e5b42bceb.exe

My ssd available 49GB space is small but no problem installed previous version of bluestacks

my pc is still able to use but everything slow i dont know what to do now still check every missing file system but coudnt find any error

Please make sure vt-x is enabled in your Bios. This is the main cause of most issues. By default, some computers ship with vt-x disabled.

You can follow the steps outlined here -

something weird now i cannot find vt-x virtualization technology option usually it always availble in the bios now this option has disappered and cpu cores only 1 normally all cores are available in bios monitor

Better You should uninstall Bluestack. Here other Android Emulator You should try:

I didn’t complete install bluestacks yet stuck at 76% my pc hangs then force turn off my pc

Check leftover on your Uninstall setting. You can use Iobit uninstaller to complete uninstall it.

To get Pro version use this license: 6B84A-8B472-0FF26-E66B9

cannot find bluestacks to uninstall?

Sometimes Uninstall Setting not visible for not complete setup. that why I recommend Iobit Uninstaller. Try it first and I will give you more Idea.

ok uninstall already but still the same

anyway i can fix through bios? because i dont really want to wait boot 10 minute :smiley:

Did you try restart your PC after uninstall?

yeah, restart now still waiting to boot.

i think problem might be cpu bcz it show only one core

anyway to fix cpu problem?

Press Windows key + R
type msconfig

Hit Enter
Select the boot tab
Select advanced options
Uncheck Number processors
Click OK

Click Apply then OK

Restart when prompted

Check if the right number of cores now show up in Task Manager.

i think something wrong with my external disk i try to remove it from my pc it suddenly perform normal then i put the external in again it start to slow again so i decided to format my external drive to see if it really work…finally i have tested many times on restarts, now my pc had been succesfully back to normal state.
what i have done click windows key + x select ''disk management. find the hard drive which is i think the faulty one then right click select ''delete. normally after delete you will see unallocated disk right click again create it back. now the problem has been gone it save a lot my times, i dont have to re-install windows. this my experiance im already about to reinstall but luckily i found this. i hope it will help you guys who have problem same like me. thank you admin for your suggestions it also good to try