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Nov 26, 2022


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  • Animals
  • Anime
  • Anti-Malware
  • Art & Design
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Blockchain
  • Books
  • Business
  • Calendar
  • Cloud Storage & File Sharing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Currency Exchange
  • Data Validation
  • Development
  • Dictionaries
  • Documents & Productivity
  • Email
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Games & Comics
  • Geocoding
  • Government
  • Health
  • Jobs
  • Machine Learning
  • Music
  • News
  • Open Data
  • Open Source Projects
  • Patent
  • Personality
  • Phone
  • Photography
  • Programming
  • Science & Math
  • Security
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Test Data
  • Text Analysis
  • Tracking
  • Transportation
  • URL Shorteners
  • Vehicle
  • Video
  • Weather


AdoptAPetResource to help get pets adoptedapiKeyYesYes
AxolotlCollection of axolotl pictures and factsNoYesNo
Cat FactsDaily cat factsNoYesNo
CataasCat as a service (cats pictures and gifs)NoYesNo
CatsPictures of cats from TumblrapiKeyYesNo
Dog FactsRandom dog factsNoYesYes
Dog FactsRandom facts of DogsNoYesYes
DogsBased on the Stanford Dogs DatasetNoYesYes
eBirdRetrieve recent or notable birding observations within a regionapiKeyYesNo
FishWatchInformation and pictures about individual fish speciesNoYesYes
HTTP CatCat for every HTTP StatusNoYesYes
HTTP DogDogs for every HTTP response status codeNoYesYes
IUCNIUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesapiKeyNoNo
MeowFactsGet random cat factsNoYesNo
MovebankMovement and Migration data of animalsNoYesYes
PetfinderPetfinder is dedicated to helping pets find homes, another resource to get pets adoptedapiKeyYesYes
PlaceBearPlaceholder bear picturesNoYesYes
PlaceDogPlaceholder Dog picturesNoYesYes
PlaceKittenPlaceholder Kitten picturesNoYesYes
RandomDogRandom pictures of dogsNoYesYes
RandomDuckRandom pictures of ducksNoYesNo
RandomFoxRandom pictures of foxesNoYesNo
Shibe.OnlineRandom pictures of Shiba Inu, cats or birdsNoYesYes
The DogA public service all about Dogs, free to use when making your fancy new App, Website or ServiceapiKeyYesNo
xeno-cantoBird recordingsNoYesUnknown
Zoo AnimalsFacts and pictures of zoo animalsNoYesYes


AniAPIAnime discovery, streaming & syncing with trackersOAuthYesYes
AniDBAnime DatabaseapiKeyNoUnknown
AniListAnime discovery & trackingOAuthYesUnknown
AnimeChanAnime quotes (over 10k+)NoYesNo
AnimeFactsAnime Facts (over 100+)NoYesYes
AnimeNewsNetworkAnime industry newsNoYesYes
CatboyNeko images, funny GIFs & moreNoYesYes
Danbooru AnimeThousands of anime artist database to find good anime artapiKeyYesYes
JikanUnofficial MyAnimeList APINoYesYes
KitsuAnime discovery platformOAuthYesYes
MangaDexManga Database and CommunityapiKeyYesUnknown
MangapiTranslate manga pages from one language to anotherapiKeyYesUnknown
MyAnimeListAnime and Manga Database and CommunityOAuthYesUnknown
NekosBestNeko Images & Anime roleplaying GIFsNoYesYes
ShikimoriAnime discovery, tracking, forum, ratesOAuthYesUnknown
Studio GhibliResources from Studio Ghibli filmsNoYesYes
Trace MoeA useful tool to get the exact scene of an anime from a screenshotNoYesNo
Waifu.imGet waifu pictures from an archive of over 4000 images and multiple tagsNoYesYes
Waifu.picsImage sharing platform for anime imagesNoYesNo


AbuseIPDBIP/domain/URL reputationapiKeyYesUnknown
AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX)IP/domain/URL reputationapiKeyYesUnknown
CAPEsandboxMalware execution and analysisapiKeyYesUnknown
Google Safe BrowsingGoogle Link/Domain FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknown
MalDatabaseProvide malware datasets and threat intelligence feedsapiKeyYesUnknown
MalShareMalware Archive / file sourcingapiKeyYesNo
MalwareBazaarCollect and share malware samplesapiKeyYesUnknown
MetacertMetacert Link FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknown
NoPhishyCheck links to see if they’re known phishing attemptsapiKeyYesYes
PhishermanIP/domain/URL reputationapiKeyYesUnknown
ScaniiSimple REST API that can scan submitted documents/files for the presence of threatsapiKeyYesYes
URLhausBulk queries and Download Malware SamplesNoYesYes
URLScan.ioScan and Analyse URLsapiKeyYesUnknown
VirusTotalVirusTotal File/URL AnalysisapiKeyYesUnknown
Web of TrustIP/domain/URL reputationapiKeyYesUnknown

Art & Design​

AméthysteGenerate images for Discord usersapiKeyYesUnknown
Art Institute of ChicagoArtNoYesYes
ColormindColor scheme generatorNoNoUnknown
ColourLoversGet various patterns, palettes and imagesNoNoUnknown
Cooper HewittSmithsonian Design MuseumapiKeyYesUnknown
DribbbleDiscover the world’s top designers & creativesOAuthYesUnknown
EmojiHubGet emojis by categories and groupsNoYesYes
EuropeanaEuropean Museum and Galleries contentapiKeyYesUnknown
Harvard Art MuseumsArtapiKeyNoUnknown
Icon HorseFavicons for any website, with fallbacksNoYesYes
Icons8Icons (find “search icon” hyperlink in page)NoYesUnknown
LordiconIcons with predone AnimationsNoYesYes
Metropolitan Museum of ArtMet Museum of ArtNoYesNo
Noun ProjectIconsOAuthNoUnknown
PHP-NoiseNoise Background Image GeneratorNoYesYes
Pixel EncounterSVG Icon GeneratorNoYesNo
RijksmuseumRijksMuseum DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Word CloudEasily create word cloudsapiKeyYesUnknown
xColorsGenerate & convert colorsNoYesYes

Authentication & Authorization​

Auth0Easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platformapiKeyYesYes
GetOTPImplement OTP flow quicklyapiKeyYesNo
Micro User ServiceUser management and authenticationapiKeyYesNo
MojoAuthSecure and modern passwordless authentication platformapiKeyYesYes
SAWO LabsSimplify login and improve user experience by integrating passwordless authentication in your appapiKeyYesYes
StytchUser infrastructure for modern applicationsapiKeyYesNo
WarrantAPIs for authorization and access controlapiKeyYesYes


BitqueryOnchain GraphQL APIs & DEX APIsapiKeyYesYes
ChainlinkBuild hybrid smart contracts with ChainlinkNoYesUnknown
ChainpointChainpoint is a global network for anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchainNoYesUnknown
CovalentMulti-blockchain data aggregator platformapiKeyYesUnknown
EtherscanEthereum explorer APIapiKeyYesYes
HeliumHelium is a global, distributed network of Hotspots that create public, long-range wireless coverageNoYesUnknown
NownodesBlockchain-as-a-service solution that provides high-quality connection via APIapiKeyYesUnknown
SteemBlockchain-based blogging and social media websiteNoNoNo
The GraphIndexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum with GraphQLapiKeyYesUnknown
WalltimeTo retrieve Walltime’s market infoNoYesUnknown
WatchdataProvide simple and reliable API access to Ethereum blockchainapiKeyYesUnknown


A Bíblia DigitalDo not worry about managing the multiple versions of the BibleapiKeyYesNo
Bhagavad GitaOpen Source Shrimad Bhagavad Gita API including 21+ authors translation in Sanskrit/English/HindiapiKeyYesYes
Bhagavad GitaBhagavad Gita textOAuthYesYes
Bhagavad Gita teluguBhagavad Gita API in telugu and odia languagesNoYesYes
Bible-apiFree Bible API with multiple languagesNoYesYes
British National BibliographyBooksNoNoUnknown
Crossref Metadata SearchBooks & Articles MetadataNoYesUnknown
GanjoorClassic Persian poetry works including access to related manuscripts, recitations and music tracksOAuthYesYes
Google BooksBooksOAuthYesUnknown
GurbaniNowFast and Accurate Gurbani RESTful APINoYesUnknown
GutendexWeb-API for fetching data from Project Gutenberg Books LibraryNoYesUnknown
Open LibraryBooks, book covers and related dataNoYesNo
Penguin PublishingBooks, book covers and related dataNoYesYes
PoetryDBEnables you to get instant data from our vast poetry collectionNoYesYes
QuranRESTful Quran API with multiple languagesNoYesYes
Quran CloudA RESTful Quran API to retrieve an Ayah, Surah, Juz or the entire Holy QuranNoYesYes
Quran-apiFree Quran API Service with 90+ different languages and 400+ translationsNoYesYes
Rig VedaGods and poets, their categories, and the verse meters, with the mandal and sukta numberNoYesUnknown
The BibleEverything you need from the Bible in one discoverable placeapiKeyYesUnknown
Thirukkural1330 Thirukkural poems and explanation in Tamil and EnglishNoYesYes
Vedic SocietyDescriptions of all nouns (names, places, animals, things) from vedic literatureNoYesUnknown
Wizard WorldGet information from the Harry Potter universeNoYesYes
Wolne LekturyAPI for obtaining information about e-books available on the WolneLektury.pl websiteNoYesUnknown


Apache SupersetAPI to manage your BI dashboards and data sources on SupersetapiKeyYesYes
Charity SearchNon-profit charity dataapiKeyNoUnknown
Clearbit LogoSearch for company logos and embed them in your projectsapiKeyYesUnknown
Domainsdb.infoRegistered Domain Names SearchNoYesNo
FreelancerHire freelancers to get work doneOAuthYesUnknown
GmailFlexible, RESTful access to the user’s inboxOAuthYesUnknown
Google AnalyticsCollect, configure and analyze your data to reach the right audienceOAuthYesUnknown
InstatusPost to and update maintenance and incidents on your status page through an HTTP REST APIapiKeyYesUnknown
MailchimpSend marketing campaigns and transactional mailsapiKeyYesUnknown
mailjetMarketing email can be sent and mail templates made in MJML or HTML can be sent using APIapiKeyYesUnknown
markerapiTrademark SearchNoNoUnknown
ORB IntelligenceCompany lookupapiKeyYesUnknown
RedashAccess your queries and dashboards on RedashapiKeyYesYes
SmartsheetAllows you to programmatically access and Smartsheet data and account informationOAuthYesNo
SquareEasy way to take payments, manage refunds, and help customers checkout onlineOAuthYesUnknown
SwiftKanbanKanban software, Visualize Work, Increase Organizations Lead Time, Throughput & ProductivityapiKeyYesUnknown
Tenders in HungaryGet data for procurements in Hungary in JSON formatNoYesUnknown
Tenders in PolandGet data for procurements in Poland in JSON formatNoYesUnknown
Tenders in RomaniaGet data for procurements in Romania in JSON formatNoYesUnknown
Tenders in SpainGet data for procurements in Spain in JSON formatNoYesUnknown
Tenders in UkraineGet data for procurements in Ukraine in JSON formatNoYesUnknown
Tomba email finderEmail Finder for B2B sales and email marketing and email verifierapiKeyYesYes
TrelloBoards, lists and cards to help you organize and prioritize your projectsOAuthYesUnknown


Abstract Public HolidaysData on national, regional, and religious holidays via APIapiKeyYesYes
CalendarificWorldwide HolidaysapiKeyYesUnknown
Church CalendarCatholic liturgical calendarNoNoUnknown
Czech Namedays CalendarLookup for a name and returns nameday dateNoNoUnknown
Festivo Public HolidaysFastest and most advanced public holiday and observance service on the marketapiKeyYesYes
Google CalendarDisplay, create and modify Google calendar eventsOAuthYesUnknown
Hebrew CalendarConvert between Gregorian and Hebrew, fetch Shabbat and Holiday times, etcNoNoUnknown
HolidaysHistorical data regarding holidaysapiKeyYesUnknown
LectServeProtestant liturgical calendarNoNoUnknown
Nager.DatePublic holidays for more than 90 countriesNoYesNo
Namedays CalendarProvides namedays for multiple countriesNoYesYes
Non-Working DaysDatabase of ICS files for non working daysNoYesUnknown
Non-Working DaysSimple REST API for checking working, non-working or short days for Russia, CIS, USA and otherNoYesYes
Russian CalendarCheck if a date is a Russian holiday or notNoYesNo
UK Bank HolidaysBank holidays in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern IrelandNoYesUnknown

Cloud Storage & File Sharing​

AnonFilesUpload and share your files anonymouslyNoYesUnknown
BayFilesUpload and share your filesNoYesUnknown
BoxFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
ddownloadFile Sharing and StorageapiKeyYesUnknown
DropboxFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
File.ioSuper simple file sharing, convenient, anonymous and secureNoYesUnknown
GoFileUnlimited size file uploads for freeapiKeyYesUnknown
Google DriveFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
GyazoSave & Share screen captures instantlyapiKeyYesUnknown
ImgbbSimple and quick private image sharingapiKeyYesUnknown
OneDriveFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
PantryFree JSON storage for small projectsNoYesYes
PastebinPlain Text StorageapiKeyYesUnknown
PinataIPFS Pinning Services APIapiKeyYesUnknown
QuipFile Sharing and Storage for groupsapiKeyYesYes
StorjDecentralized Open-Source Cloud StorageapiKeyYesUnknown
The Null PointerNo-bullshit file hosting and URL shortening serviceNoYesUnknown
Web3 StorageFile Sharing and Storage for Free with 1TB SpaceapiKeyYesYes

Continuous Integration​

Azure DevOps HealthResource health helps you diagnose and get support when an Azure issue impacts your resourcesapiKeyNoNo
BitriseBuild tool and processes integrations to create efficient development pipelinesapiKeyYesUnknown
BuddyThe fastest continuous integration and continuous delivery platformOAuthYesUnknown
CircleCIAutomate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous deliveryapiKeyYesUnknown
CodeshipCodeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloudapiKeyYesUnknown
Travis CISync your GitHub projects with Travis CI to test your code in minutesapiKeyYesUnknown


0xAPI for querying token and pool stats across various liquidity poolsNoYesYes
1inchAPI for querying decentralize exchangeNoYesUnknown
Alchemy EthereumEthereum Node-as-a-Service ProviderapiKeyYesYes
apilayer coinlayerReal-time Crypto Currency Exchange RatesapiKeyYesUnknown
BinanceExchange for Trading Cryptocurrencies based in ChinaapiKeyYesUnknown
BitcambioGet the list of all traded assets in the exchangeNoYesUnknown
BitcoinAverageDigital Asset Price Data for the blockchain industryapiKeyYesUnknown
BitcoinChartsFinancial and Technical Data related to the Bitcoin NetworkNoYesUnknown
BitfinexCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
BitmexReal-Time Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform based in Hong KongapiKeyYesUnknown
BittrexNext Generation Crypto Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
BlockBitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction DataapiKeyYesUnknown
BlockchainBitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction DataapiKeyYesUnknown
blockfrost CardanoInteraction with the Cardano mainnet and several testnetsapiKeyYesUnknown
Brave NewCoinReal-time and historic crypto data from more than 200+ exchangesapiKeyYesUnknown
BtcTurkReal-time cryptocurrency data, graphs and API that allows buy&sellapiKeyYesYes
BybitCryptocurrency data feed and algorithmic tradingapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinAPIAll Currency Exchanges integrate under a single apiapiKeyYesNo
CoinbaseBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
Coinbase ProCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinCapReal time Cryptocurrency prices through a RESTful APINoYesUnknown
CoinDCXCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinDeskCoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) in multiple currenciesNoYesUnknown
CoinGeckoCryptocurrency Price, Market, and Developer/Social DataNoYesYes
CoinigyInteracting with Coinigy Accounts and Exchange DirectlyapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinlibCrypto Currency PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinloreCryptocurrencies prices, volume and moreNoYesUnknown
CoinMarketCapCryptocurrencies PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinpaprikaCryptocurrencies prices, volume and moreNoYesYes
CoinRankingLive Cryptocurrency dataapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinremitterCryptocurrencies Payment & PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinStatsCrypto TrackerNoYesUnknown
CryptAPICryptocurrency Payment ProcessorNoYesUnknown
CryptingUpCryptocurrency dataNoYesUnknown
CryptoCompareCryptocurrencies ComparisonNoYesUnknown
CryptoMarketCryptocurrencies Trading platformapiKeyYesYes
CryptonatorCryptocurrencies Exchange RatesNoYesUnknown
dYdXDecentralized cryptocurrency exchangeapiKeyYesUnknown
EthplorerEthereum tokens, balances, addresses, history of transactions, contracts, and custom structuresapiKeyYesUnknown
EXMOCryptocurrencies exchange based in UKapiKeyYesUnknown
FTXComplete REST, websocket, and FTX APIs to suit your algorithmic trading needsapiKeyYesYes
GateioAPI provides spot, margin and futures trading operationsapiKeyYesUnknown
GeminiCryptocurrencies ExchangeNoYesUnknown
Hirak Exchange RatesExchange rates between 162 currency & 300 crypto currency update each 5 min, accurate, no limitsapiKeyYesUnknown
HuobiSeychelles based cryptocurrency exchangeapiKeyYesUnknown
icy.toolsGraphQL based NFT APIapiKeyYesUnknown
IndodaxTrade your Bitcoin and other assets with rupiahapiKeyYesUnknown
INFURA EthereumInteraction with the Ethereum mainnet and several testnetsapiKeyYesYes
KrakenCryptocurrencies ExchangeapiKeyYesUnknown
KuCoinCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
LocalbitcoinsP2P platform to buy and sell BitcoinsNoYesUnknown
MempoolBitcoin API Service focusing on the transaction feeNoYesNo
MercadoBitcoinBrazilian Cryptocurrency InformationNoYesUnknown
MessariProvides API endpoints for thousands of crypto assetsNoYesUnknown
NexchangeAutomated cryptocurrency exchange serviceNoNoYes
NomicsHistorical and realtime cryptocurrency prices and market dataapiKeyYesYes
NovaDaxNovaDAX API to access all market data, trading management endpointsapiKeyYesUnknown
OKExCryptocurrency exchange based in SeychellesapiKeyYesUnknown
PoloniexUS based digital asset exchangeapiKeyYesUnknown
Solana JSON RPCProvides various endpoints to interact with the Solana BlockchainNoYesUnknown
Technical AnalysisCryptocurrency prices and technical analysisapiKeyYesNo
VALRCryptocurrency Exchange based in South AfricaapiKeyYesUnknown
WorldCoinIndexCryptocurrencies PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
ZMOKEthereum JSON RPC API and Web3 providerNoYesUnknown

Currency Exchange​

1ForgeForex currency market dataapiKeyYesUnknown
AmdorenFree currency API with over 150 currenciesapiKeyYesUnknown
apilayer fixer.ioExchange rates and currency conversionapiKeyNoUnknown
Bank of RussiaExchange rates and currency conversionNoYesUnknown
Currency-apiFree Currency Exchange Rates API with 150+ Currencies & No Rate LimitsNoYesYes
CurrencyFreaksProvides current and historical currency exchange rates with free plan 1K requests/monthapiKeyYesYes
CurrencylayerExchange rates and currency conversionapiKeyYesUnknown
CurrencyScoopReal-time and historical currency rates JSON APIapiKeyYesYes
Czech National BankA collection of exchange ratesNoYesUnknown
Economia.AwesomePortuguese free currency prices and conversion with no rate limitsNoYesUnknown
ExchangeRate-APIFree currency conversionapiKeyYesYes
Exchangerate.hostFree foreign exchange & crypto rates APINoYesUnknown
Exchangeratesapi.ioExchange rates with currency conversionapiKeyYesYes
FrankfurterExchange rates, currency conversion and time seriesNoYesYes
FreeForexAPIReal-time foreign exchange rates for major currency pairsNoYesNo
National Bank of PolandA collection of currency exchange rates (data in XML and JSON)NoYesYes
VATComply.comExchange rates, geolocation and VAT number validationNoYesYes

Data Validation​

Lob.comUS Address VerificationapiKeyYesUnknown
Postman EchoTest api server to receive and return value from HTTP methodNoYesUnknown
PurgoMalumContent validator against profanity & obscenityNoNoUnknown
US AutocompleteEnter address data quickly with real-time address suggestionsapiKeyYesYes
US ExtractExtract postal addresses from any text including emailsapiKeyYesYes
US Street AddressValidate and append data for any US postal addressapiKeyYesYes
vatlayerVAT number validationapiKeyYesUnknown


24 Pull RequestsProject to promote open source collaboration during DecemberNoYesYes
Abstract ScreenshotTake programmatic screenshots of web pages from any websiteapiKeyYesYes
Agify.ioEstimates the age from a first nameNoYesYes
API GrátisMultiples services and public APIsNoYesUnknown
ApicAgentExtract device details from user-agent stringNoYesYes
ApiFlashChrome based screenshot API for developersapiKeyYesUnknown
apilayer userstackSecure User-Agent String Lookup JSON APIOAuthYesUnknown
APIs.guruWikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIsNoYesUnknown
Azure DevOpsThe Azure DevOps basic components of a REST API request/response pairapiKeyYesUnknown
BaseBuilding quick backendsapiKeyYesYes
BeeceptorBuild a mock Rest API endpoint in secondsNoYesYes
BitbucketBitbucket APIOAuthYesUnknown
Blague.xyzLa plus grande API de Blagues FR/The biggest FR jokes APIapiKeyYesYes
BlitappSchedule screenshots of web pages and sync them to your cloudapiKeyYesUnknown
Blynk-CloudControl IoT Devices from Blynk IoT CloudapiKeyNoUnknown
BoredFind random activities to fight boredomNoYesUnknown
Brainshop.aiMake A Free A.I BrainapiKeyYesYes
BrowshotEasily make screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any deviceapiKeyYesYes
CDNJSLibrary info on CDNJSNoYesUnknown
Changelogs.mdStructured changelog metadata from open source projectsNoYesUnknown
CiprandSecure random string generatorNoYesNo
Cloudflare TraceGet IP Address, Timestamp, User Agent, Country Code, IATA, HTTP Version, TLS/SSL Version & MoreNoYesYes
CodexOnline Compiler for Various LanguagesNoYesUnknown
Contentful ImagesUsed to retrieve and apply transformations to imagesapiKeyYesYes
CORS ProxyGet around the dreaded CORS error by using this proxy as a middle manNoYesYes
CountAPIFree and simple counting service. You can use it to track page hits and specific eventsNoYesYes
DatabricksService to manage your databricks account,clusters, notebooks, jobs and workspacesapiKeyYesYes
DigitalOcean StatusStatus of all DigitalOcean servicesNoYesUnknown
Docker HubInteract with Docker HubapiKeyYesYes
DomainDb InfoDomain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etcNoYesUnknown
ExtendsClass JSON StorageA simple JSON store APINoYesYes
GeekFlareProvide numerous capabilities for important testing and monitoring methods for websitesapiKeyYesUnknown
Genderize.ioEstimates a gender from a first nameNoYesYes
GETPingTrigger an email notification with a simple GET requestapiKeyYesUnknown
GhostGet Published content into your Website, App or other embedded mediaapiKeyYesYes
GitHubMake use of GitHub repositories, code and user info programmaticallyOAuthYesYes
GitlabAutomate GitLab interaction programmaticallyOAuthYesUnknown
GitterChat for DevelopersOAuthYesUnknown
GlitterlyImage generation APIapiKeyYesYes
Google DocsAPI to read, write, and format Google Docs documentsOAuthYesUnknown
Google FirebaseGoogle’s mobile application development platform that helps build, improve, and grow appapiKeyYesYes
Google FontsMetadata for all families served by Google FontsapiKeyYesUnknown
Google KeepAPI to read, write, and format Google Keep notesOAuthYesUnknown
Google SheetsAPI to read, write, and format Google Sheets dataOAuthYesUnknown
Google SlidesAPI to read, write, and format Google Slides presentationsOAuthYesUnknown
GorestOnline REST API for Testing and PrototypingOAuthYesUnknown
HasuraGraphQL and REST API Engine with built in AuthorizationapiKeyYesYes
HerokuREST API to programmatically create apps, provision add-ons and perform other task on HerokuOAuthYesYes
host-t.comBasic DNS query via HTTP GET requestNoYesNo
Host.ioDomains Data API for DevelopersapiKeyYesYes
HTTP2.ProTest endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol supportNoYesUnknown
HttpbinA Simple HTTP Request & Response ServiceNoYesYes
Httpbin CloudflareA Simple HTTP Request & Response Service with HTTP/3 Support by CloudflareNoYesYes
HunterAPI for domain search, professional email finder, author finder and email verifierapiKeyYesUnknown
IBM Text to SpeechConvert text to speechapiKeyYesYes
IcanhazepochGet Epoch timeNoYesYes
IcanhazipIP Address APINoYesYes
IFTTTIFTTT Connect APINoYesUnknown
Image-ChartsGenerate charts, QR codes and graph imagesNoYesYes
import.ioRetrieve structured data from a website or RSS feedapiKeyYesUnknown
ip-fast.comIP address, country and cityNoYesYes
IP2WHOIS Information LookupWHOIS domain name lookupapiKeyYesUnknown
ipfind.ioGeographic location of an IP address or any domain name along with some other useful informationapiKeyYesYes
IPifyA simple IP Address APINoYesUnknown
IPinfoAnother simple IP Address APINoYesUnknown
jsDelivrPackage info and download stats on jsDelivr CDNNoYesYes
JSON 2 JSONPConvert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScriptNoYesUnknown
JSONbin.ioFree JSON storage service. Ideal for small scale Web apps, Websites and Mobile appsapiKeyYesYes
KrokiCreates diagrams from textual descriptionsNoYesYes
License-APIUnofficial REST API for choosealicense.com NoYesNo
Logs.toGenerate logsapiKeyYesUnknown
Lua DecompilerOnline Lua 5.1 DecompilerNoYesYes
MAC address vendor lookupRetrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUIapiKeyYesYes
Micro DBSimple database serviceapiKeyYesUnknown
MicroENVFake Rest API for developersNoYesUnknown
MockyMock user defined test JSON for REST API endpointsNoYesYes
MY IPGet IP address informationNoYesUnknown
Nationalize.ioEstimate the nationality of a first nameNoYesYes
NetlifyNetlify is a hosting service for the programmable webOAuthYesUnknown
NetworkCalcNetwork calculators, including subnets, DNS, binary, and security toolsNoYesYes
npm RegistryQuery information about your favorite Node.js libraries programaticallyNoYesUnknown
OneSignalSelf-serve customer engagement solution for Push Notifications, Email, SMS & In-AppapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Page RankAPI for calculating and comparing metrics of different websites using Page Rank algorithmapiKeyYesUnknown
OpenAPIHubThe All-in-one API PlatformX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
OpenGraphrReally simple API to retrieve Open Graph data from an URLapiKeyYesUnknown
oyyiAPI for Fake Data, image/video conversion, optimization, pdf optimization and thumbnail generationNoYesYes
PageCDNPublic API for javascript, css and font libraries on PageCDNapiKeyYesYes
PostmanTool for testing APIsapiKeyYesUnknown
ProxyCrawlScraping and crawling anticaptcha serviceapiKeyYesUnknown
ProxyKingdomRotating Proxy API that produces a working proxy on every requestapiKeyYesYes
Pusher BeamsPush notifications for Android & iOSapiKeyYesUnknown
QR codeCreate an easy to read QR code and URL shortenerNoYesYes
QR codeGenerate and decode / read QR code graphicsNoYesUnknown
Qrcode MonkeyIntegrate custom and unique looking QR codes into your system or workflowNoYesUnknown
QuickChartGenerate chart and graph imagesNoYesYes
Random StuffCan be used to get AI Response, jokes, memes, and much more at lightning-fast speedapiKeyYesYes
RejaxReverse AJAX service to notify clientsapiKeyYesNo
ReqResA hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requestsNoYesUnknown
RSS feed to JSONReturns RSS feed in JSON format using feed URLNoYesYes
SavePage.ioA free, RESTful API used to screenshot any desktop, or mobile websiteapiKeyYesYes
ScrapeNinjaScraping API with Chrome fingerprint and residential proxiesapiKeyYesUnknown
ScraperApiEasily build scalable web scrapersapiKeyYesUnknown
scraperBoxUndetectable web scraping APIapiKeyYesYes
scrapestackReal-time, Scalable Proxy & Web Scraping REST APIapiKeyYesUnknown
ScrapingAntHeadless Chrome scraping with a simple APIapiKeyYesUnknown
ScrapingDogProxy API for Web scrapingapiKeyYesUnknown
ScreenshotAPI.netCreate pixel-perfect website screenshotsapiKeyYesYes
Serialif ColorColor conversion, complementary, grayscale and contrasted textNoYesNo
serpstackReal-Time & Accurate Google Search Results APIapiKeyYesYes
SheetsuEasy google sheets integrationapiKeyYesUnknown
SonarProject Sonar DNS Enumeration APINoYesYes
SonarQubeSonarQube REST APIs to detect bugs, code smells & security vulnerabilitiesOAuthYesUnknown
StackExchangeQ&A forum for developersOAuthYesUnknown
StaticallyA free CDN for developersNoYesYes
SupportivekoalaAutogenerate images with templateapiKeyYesYes
TykApi and service management platformapiKeyYesYes
WandboxCode compiler supporting 35+ languages mentioned at wandbox.org NoYesUnknown
WebScraping.AIWeb Scraping API with built-in proxies and JS renderingapiKeyYesYes
ZenRowsWeb Scraping API that bypasses anti-bot solutions while offering JS rendering, and rotating proxiesapiKeyYesUnknown


Chinese Character WebChinese character definitions and pronunciationsNoNoNo
Chinese Text ProjectOnline open-access digital library for pre-modern Chinese textsNoYesUnknown
CollinsBilingual Dictionary and Thesaurus DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Free DictionaryDefinitions, phonetics, pronounciations, parts of speech, examples, synonymsNoYesUnknown
Indonesia DictionaryIndonesia dictionary many wordsNoYesUnknown
Lingua RobotWord definitions, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms and othersapiKeyYesYes
Merriam-WebsterDictionary and Thesaurus DataapiKeyYesUnknown
OwlBotDefinitions with example sentence and photo if availableapiKeyYesYes
OxfordDictionary DataapiKeyYesNo
SynonymsSynonyms, thesaurus and antonyms information for any given wordapiKeyYesUnknown
WiktionaryCollaborative dictionary dataNoYesYes
WordnikDictionary DataapiKeyYesUnknown
WordsDefinitions and synonyms for more than 150,000 wordsapiKeyYesUnknown

Documents & Productivity​

AirtableIntegrate with AirtableapiKeyYesUnknown
Api2ConvertOnline File Conversion APIapiKeyYesUnknown
apilayer pdflayerHTML/URL to PDFapiKeyYesUnknown
AsanaProgrammatic access to all data in your asana systemapiKeyYesYes
ClickUpClickUp is a robust, cloud-based project management tool for boosting productivityOAuthYesUnknown
ClockifyClockify’s REST-based API can be used to push/pull data to/from it & integrate it with other systemsapiKeyYesUnknown
CloudConvertOnline file converter for audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, presentationapiKeyYesUnknown
Cloudmersive Document and Data ConversionHTML/URL to PDF/PNG, Office documents to PDF, image conversionapiKeyYesYes
Code::StatsAutomatic time tracking for programmersapiKeyYesNo
CraftMyPDFGenerate PDF documents from templates with a drop-and-drop editor and a simple APIapiKeyYesNo
FlowdashAutomate business workflowsapiKeyYesUnknown
Html2PDFHTML/URL to PDFapiKeyYesUnknown
iLovePDFConvert, merge, split, extract text and add page numbers for PDFs. Free for 250 documents/monthapiKeyYesYes
JIRAJIRA is a proprietary issue tracking product that allows bug tracking and agile project managementOAuthYesUnknown
MattermostAn open source platform for developer collaborationOAuthYesUnknown
MercuryWeb parserapiKeyYesUnknown
MondayProgrammatically access and update data inside a monday.com accountapiKeyYesUnknown
NotionIntegrate with NotionOAuthYesUnknown
PandaDocDocGen and eSignatures APIapiKeyYesNo
PocketBookmarking serviceOAuthYesUnknown
PodioFile sharing and productivityOAuthYesUnknown
PrexViewData from XML or JSON to PDF, HTML or ImageapiKeyYesUnknown
RestpackProvides screenshot, HTML to PDF and content extraction APIsapiKeyYesUnknown
TodoistTodo ListsOAuthYesUnknown
Vector Express v2.0Free vector file converting APINoYesNo
WakaTimeAutomated time tracking leaderboards for programmersNoYesUnknown
ZubeFull stack project managementOAuthYesUnknown


Abstract Email ValidationValidate email addresses for deliverability and spamapiKeyYesYes
apilayer mailboxlayerEmail address validationapiKeyYesUnknown
Cloudmersive ValidateValidate email addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers and domain namesapiKeyYesYes
DisifyValidate and detect disposable and temporary email addressesNoYesYes
DropMailGraphQL API for creating and managing ephemeral e-mail inboxesNoYesUnknown
EVAValidate email addressesNoYesYes
Guerrilla MailDisposable temporary Email addressesNoYesUnknown
ImprovMXAPI for free email forwarding serviceapiKeyYesUnknown
KickboxEmail verification APINoYesYes
mail.gw10 Minute MailNoYesYes
mail.tmTemporary Email ServiceNoYesYes
MailboxValidatorValidate email address to improve deliverabilityapiKeyYesUnknown
MailCheck.aiPrevent users to sign up with temporary email addressesNoYesUnknown
MailtrapA service for the safe testing of emails sent from the development and staging environmentsapiKeyYesUnknown
SendgridA cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send emails without having to maintain email serversapiKeyYesUnknown
SendinblueA service that provides solutions relating to marketing and/or transactional email and/or SMSapiKeyYesUnknown
VerifierVerifies that a given email is realapiKeyYesYes


chucknorris.ioJSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris jokesNoYesUnknown
Corporate Buzz WordsREST API for Corporate Buzz WordsNoYesYes
ExcuserGet random excuses for various situationsNoYesUnknown
Fun FactA simple HTTPS api that can randomly select and return a fact from the FFA databaseNoYesYes
ImgflipGets an array of popular memesNoYesUnknown
Meme MakerREST API for create your own memeNoYesUnknown
NaMoMemesMemes on Narendra ModiNoYesUnknown
Random Useless FactsGet useless, but true factsNoYesUnknown
TechyJSON and Plaintext API for tech-savvy sounding phrasesNoYesUnknown
Yo Momma JokesREST API for Yo Momma JokesNoYesUnknown


BreezoMeter PollenDaily Forecast pollen conditions data for a specific locationapiKeyYesUnknown
Carbon InterfaceAPI to calculate carbon (C02) emissions estimates for common C02 emitting activitiesapiKeyYesYes
ClimatiqCalculate the environmental footprint created by a broad range of emission-generating activitiesapiKeyYesYes
CloverlyAPI calculates the impact of common carbon-intensive activities in real timeapiKeyYesUnknown
CO2 OffsetAPI calculates and validates the carbon footprintNoYesUnknown
Danish data service EnergiOpen energy data from Energinet to societyNoYesUnknown
GrünstromIndexGreen Power Index for Germany (Grünstromindex/GSI)NoNoYes
IQAirAir quality and weather dataapiKeyYesUnknown
LuchtmeetnetPredicted and actual air quality components for The Netherlands (RIVM)NoYesUnknown
National Grid ESOOpen data from Great Britain’s Electricity System OperatorNoYesUnknown
OpenAQOpen air quality dataapiKeyYesUnknown
PM2.5 Open Data PortalOpen low-cost PM2.5 sensor dataNoYesUnknown
PM25.inAir quality of ChinaapiKeyNoUnknown
PVWattsEnergy production photovoltaic (PV) energy systemsapiKeyYesUnknown
Srp EnergyHourly usage energy report for Srp customersapiKeyYesNo
UK Carbon IntensityThe Official Carbon Intensity API for Great Britain developed by National GridNoYesUnknown
Website CarbonAPI to estimate the carbon footprint of loading web pagesNoYesUnknown


EventbriteFind eventsOAuthYesUnknown
SeatGeekSearch events, venues and performersapiKeyYesUnknown
TicketmasterSearch events, attractions, or venuesapiKeyYesUnknown


Abstract VAT ValidationValidate VAT numbers and calculate VAT ratesapiKeyYesYes
AletheiaInsider trading data, earnings call analysis, financial statements, and moreapiKeyYesYes
AlpacaRealtime and historical market data on all US equities and ETFsapiKeyYesYes
Alpha VantageRealtime and historical stock dataapiKeyYesUnknown
apilayer marketstackReal-Time, Intraday & Historical Market Data APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Banco do BrasilAll Banco do Brasil financial transaction APIsOAuthYesYes
BillplzPayment platformapiKeyYesUnknown
BinlistPublic access to a database of IIN/BIN informationNoYesUnknown
Boleto.CloudA api to generate boletos in BrazilapiKeyYesUnknown
CitiAll Citigroup account and statement data APIsapiKeyYesUnknown
EcondbGlobal macroeconomic dataNoYesYes
Fed TreasuryU.S. Department of the Treasury DataNoYesUnknown
FinageFinage is a stock, currency, cryptocurrency, indices, and ETFs real-time & historical data providerapiKeyYesUnknown
Financial Modeling PrepRealtime and historical stock dataapiKeyYesUnknown
FinnhubReal-Time RESTful APIs and Websocket for Stocks, Currencies, and CryptoapiKeyYesUnknown
FREDEconomic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. LouisapiKeyYesYes
Front Accounting APIsFront accounting is multilingual and multicurrency software for small businessesOAuthYesYes
HotstoksStock market data powered by SQLapiKeyYesYes
IEX CloudRealtime & Historical Stock and Market DataapiKeyYesYes
IGSpreadbetting and CFD Market DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Indian Mutual FundGet complete history of India Mutual Funds DataNoYesUnknown
IntrinioA wide selection of financial data feedsapiKeyYesUnknown
KlarnaKlarna payment and shopping serviceapiKeyYesUnknown
MercadoPagoMercado Pago API reference - all the information you need to develop your integrationsapiKeyYesUnknown
MonoConnect with users’ bank accounts and access transaction data in AfricaapiKeyYesUnknown
MoovThe Moov API makes it simple for platforms to send, receive, and store moneyapiKeyYesUnknown
NordigenConnect to bank accounts using official bank APIs and get raw transaction dataapiKeyYesUnknown
OpenFIGIEquity, index, futures, options symbology from Bloomberg LPapiKeyYesYes
PlaidConnect with user’s bank accounts and access transaction dataapiKeyYesUnknown
PolygonHistorical stock market dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Portfolio OptimizerPortfolio analysis and optimizationNoYesYes
Razorpay IFSCIndian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes)NoYesUnknown
Real Time FinanceWebsocket API to access realtime stock dataapiKeyNoUnknown
SEC EDGAR DataAPI to access annual reports of public US companiesNoYesYes
SmartAPIGain access to set of and create end-to-end broking servicesapiKeyYesUnknown
StockDataReal-Time, Intraday & Historical Market Data, News and Sentiment APIapiKeyYesYes
StyvioRealtime and historical stock data and current stock sentimentapiKeyYesUnknown
TradierUS equity/option market data (delayed, intraday, historical)OAuthYesYes
Twelve DataStock market data (real-time & historical)apiKeyYesUnknown
WallstreetBetsWallstreetBets Stock Comments Sentiment AnalysisNoYesUnknown
Yahoo FinanceReal time low latency Yahoo Finance API for stock market, crypto currencies, and currency exchangeapiKeyYesYes
YNABBudgeting & PlanningOAuthYesYes
Zoho BooksOnline accounting software, built for your businessOAuthYesUnknown

Food & Drink​

BaconMockupResizable bacon placeholder imagesNoYesYes
ChompData about various grocery products and foodsapiKeyYesUnknown
CoffeeRandom pictures of coffeeNoYesUnknown
Edamam nutritionNutrition AnalysisapiKeyYesUnknown
Edamam recipesRecipe SearchapiKeyYesUnknown
FoodishRandom pictures of food dishesNoYesYes
FruityviceData about all kinds of fruitNoYesUnknown
KrogerSupermarket DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Brewery DBBreweries, Cideries and Craft Beer Bottle ShopsNoYesYes
Open Food FactsFood Products DatabaseNoYesUnknown
PunkAPIBrewdog Beer RecipesNoYesUnknown
RustybeerBeer brewing toolsNoYesNo
SpoonacularRecipes, Food Products, and Meal PlanningapiKeyYesUnknown
SystembolagetGovornment owned liqour store in SwedenapiKeyYesUnknown
TacoFancyCommunity-driven taco databaseNoNoUnknown
TastyAPI to query data about recipe, plan, ingredientsapiKeyYesUnknown
The Report of the WeekFood & Drink ReviewsNoYesUnknown
TheCocktailDBCocktail RecipesapiKeyYesYes
TheMealDBMeal RecipesapiKeyYesYes
UntappdSocial beer sharingOAuthYesUnknown
What’s on the menu?NYPL human-transcribed historical menu collectionapiKeyNoUnknown
WhiskyHunterPast online whisky auctions statistical dataNoYesUnknown
ZestfulParse recipe ingredientsapiKeyYesYes

Games & Comics​

Age of Empires IIGet information about Age of Empires II resourcesNoYesNo
AmiiboAPINintendo Amiibo InformationNoYesYes
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAPI for critters, fossils, art, music, furniture and villagersNoYesUnknown
Autochess VNGRest Api for Autochess VNGNoYesYes
Barter.VGProvides information about Game, DLC, Bundles, Giveaways, TradingNoYesYes
Battle.netDiablo III, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft game data APIsOAuthYesYes
Board Game GeekBoard games, RPG and videogamesNoYesNo
Brawl StarsBrawl Stars Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
BugsnaxGet information about BugsnaxNoYesYes
CheapSharkSteam/PC Game Prices and DealsNoYesYes
Chess.com Chess.com read-only REST APINoYesUnknown
Chuck Norris DatabaseJokesNoNoUnknown
Clash of ClansClash of Clans Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
Clash RoyaleClash Royale Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
Comic VineComicsNoYesUnknown
CrafatarAPI for Minecraft skins and facesNoYesYes
Cross UniverseCross Universe Card DataNoYesYes
Deck of CardsDeck of CardsNoNoUnknown
Destiny The GameBungie Platform APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Digimon InformationProvides information about digimon creaturesNoYesUnknown
Digimon TCGSearch for Digimon cards in digimoncard.io NoYesUnknown
DisneyInformation of Disney charactersNoYesYes
Dota 2Provides information about Player stats , Match stats, Rankings for Dota 2apiKeyYesUnknown
Dungeons and DragonsReference for 5th edition spells, classes, monsters, and moreNoNoNo
Dungeons and Dragons (Alternate)Includes all monsters and spells from the SRD (System Reference Document) as well as a search APINoYesYes
Eve OnlineThird-Party Developer DocumentationOAuthYesUnknown
FFXIV CollectFinal Fantasy XIV data on collectablesNoYesYes
FIFA Ultimate TeamFIFA Ultimate Team items APINoYesUnknown
Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIV Game data APINoYesYes
FortniteFortnite StatsapiKeyYesUnknown
ForzaShow random image of car from ForzaNoYesUnknown
FreeToGameFree-To-Play Games DatabaseNoYesYes
Fun FactsRandom Fun FactsNoYesYes
FunTranslationsTranslate Text into funny languagesNoYesYes
GamerPowerGame Giveaways TrackerNoYesYes
GDBrowserEasy way to use the Geometry Dash ServersNoYesUnknown
Geek-JokesFetch a random geeky/programming related joke for use in all sorts of applicationsNoYesYes
Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact game dataNoYesYes
Giant BombVideo GamesapiKeyYesUnknown
GraphQL PokemonGraphQL powered Pokemon API. Supports generations 1 through 8NoYesYes
Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2 Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
GW2SpidyGW2Spidy API, Items data on the Guild Wars 2 Trade MarketNoYesUnknown
HaloHalo 5 and Halo Wars 2 InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
HearthstoneHearthstone Cards InformationX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
Humble BundleHumble Bundle’s current bundlesapiKeyYesUnknown
HumorHumor, Jokes, and MemesapiKeyYesUnknown
HypixelHypixel player statsapiKeyYesUnknown
Hyrule CompendiumData on all interactive items from The Legend of Zelda: BOTWNoYesUnknown
HytaleHytale blog posts and jobsNoYesUnknown
IGDB.comVideo Game DatabaseapiKeyYesUnknown
JokeAPIProgramming, Miscellaneous and Dark JokesNoYesYes
Jokes OneJoke of the day and large category of jokes accessible via REST APIapiKeyYesYes
JserviceJeopardy Question DatabaseNoNoUnknown
LichessAccess to all data of users, games, puzzles and etc on LichessOAuthYesUnknown
Magic The GatheringMagic The Gathering Game InformationNoNoUnknown
Mario Kart TourAPI for Drivers, Karts, Gliders and CoursesOAuthYesUnknown
MarvelMarvel ComicsapiKeyYesUnknown
Minecraft Server StatusAPI to get Information about a Minecraft ServerNoYesNo
MMO GamesMMO Games Database, News and GiveawaysNoYesNo
mod.ioCross Platform Mod APIapiKeyYesUnknown
MojangMojang / Minecraft APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Monster Hunter WorldMonster Hunter World dataNoYesYes
Open TriviaTrivia QuestionsNoYesUnknown
PandaScoreE-sports games and resultsapiKeyYesUnknown
Path of ExilePath of Exile Game InformationOAuthYesUnknown
PlayerDBQuery Minecraft, Steam and XBox AccountsNoYesUnknown
PokéapiPokémon InformationNoYesUnknown
PokéAPI (GraphQL)The Unofficial GraphQL for PokeAPINoYesYes
Pokémon TCGPokémon TCG InformationNoYesUnknown
PsychonautsPsychonauts World Characters Information and PSI PowersNoYesYes
PUBGAccess in-game PUBG dataapiKeyYesYes
Puyo NexusPuyo Puyo information from Puyo Nexus WikiNoYesYes
quizapi.ioAccess to various kind of quiz questionsapiKeyYesYes
RaiderProvides detailed character and guild rankings for Raiding and Mythic+ content in World of WarcraftNoYesUnknown
RAWG.io500,000+ games for 50 platforms including mobilesapiKeyYesUnknown
Rick and MortyAll the Rick and Morty information, including imagesNoYesYes
Riot GamesLeague of Legends Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
RPS 101Rock, Paper, Scissors with 101 objectsNoYesYes
RuneScapeRuneScape and OSRS RPGs informationNoYesNo
Sakura CardCaptorSakura CardCaptor Cards InformationNoYesUnknown
ScryfallMagic: The Gathering databaseNoYesYes
SpaceTradersAPIA playable inter-galactic space trading MMOAPIOAuthYesYes
SteamSteam Web API documentationapiKeyYesNo
SteamInternal Steam Web API documentationNoYesNo
SuperHeroesAll SuperHeroes and Villains data from all universes under a single APIapiKeyYesUnknown
TCGdexMulti languages Pokémon TCG InformationNoYesYes
TebexTebex API for information about game purchasesX-Mashape-KeyYesNo
TETR.IO TETR.IO Tetra Channel APINoYesUnknown
Tronald DumpThe dumbest things Donald Trump has ever saidNoYesUnknown
UniversalisFinal Fantasy XIV market board dataNoYesYes
Valorant (non-official)An extensive API containing data of most Valorant in-game items, assets and moreNoYesUnknown
Warface (non-official)Official API proxy with better data structure and more featuresNoYesNo
Wargaming.net Wargaming.net info and statsapiKeyYesNo
When is next MCU filmUpcoming MCU film informationNoYesUnknown
xkcdRetrieve xkcd comics as JSONNoYesNo
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG InformationNoYesUnknown


Abstract IP GeolocationGeolocate website visitors from their IPsapiKeyYesYes
Actinia Grass GISActinia is an open source REST API for geographical data that uses GRASS GISapiKeyYesUnknown
administrative-divisons-dbGet all administrative divisions of a countryNoYesYes
adresse.data.gouv.frAddress database of France, geocoding and reverseNoYesUnknown
Airtel IPIP Geolocation API. Collecting data from multiple sourcesNoYesUnknown
ApiipGet location information by IP addressapiKeyYesYes
apilayer ipstackLocate and identify website visitors by IP addressapiKeyYesUnknown
BattutaA (country/region/city) in-cascade location APIapiKeyNoUnknown
BigDataCloudProvides fast and accurate IP geolocation APIs along with security checks and confidence areaapiKeyYesUnknown
Bing MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on Bing Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknown
bng2latlongConvert British OSGB36 easting and northing (British National Grid) to WGS84 latitude and longitudeNoYesYes
Cartes.ioCreate maps and markers for anythingNoYesUnknown
Cep.laBrazil RESTful API to find information about streets, zip codes, neighborhoods, cities and statesNoNoUnknown
CitySDKOpen APIs for select European citiesNoYesUnknown
CountryGet your visitor’s country from their IPNoYesYes
CountryStateCityWorld countries, states, regions, provinces, cities & towns in JSON, SQL, XML, YAML, & CSV formatapiKeyYesYes
Ducks UnlimitedAPI explorer that gives a query URL with a JSON response of locations and citiesNoYesNo
FreeGeoIPFree geo ip information, no registration required. 15k/hour rate limitNoYesYes
GeoApiFrench geographical dataNoYesUnknown
GeoapifyForward and reverse geocoding, address autocompleteapiKeyYesYes
Geocod.ioAddress geocoding / reverse geocoding in bulkapiKeyYesUnknown
Geocode.xyzProvides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsingNoYesUnknown
Geocodify.comWorldwide geocoding, geoparsing and autocomplete for addressesapiKeyYesYes
Geodata.gov.grOpen geospatial data and API service for GreeceNoYesUnknown
GeoDataSourceGeocoding of city name by using latitude and longitude coordinatesapiKeyYesUnknown
GeoDB CitiesGet global city, region, and country dataapiKeyYesUnknown
GeographQLA Country, State, and City GraphQL APINoYesYes
GeoJSIP geolocation with ChatOps integrationNoYesYes
GeokeoGeokeo geocoding service- with 2500 free api requests dailyNoYesYes
GeoNamesPlace names and other geographical dataNoNoUnknown
geoPluginIP geolocation and currency conversionNoYesYes
Google Earth EngineA cloud-based platform for planetary-scale environmental data analysisapiKeyYesUnknown
Google MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on Google Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Graph CountriesCountry-related data like currencies, languages, flags, regions+subregions and bordering countriesNoYesUnknown
HelloSalutGet hello translation following user languageNoYesUnknown
HERE MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on HERE Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Hirak IP to CountryIp to location with country code, currency code & currency name, fast response, unlimited requestsapiKeyYesUnknown
Hong Kong GeoData StoreAPI for accessing geo-data of Hong KongNoYesUnknown
IBGEAggregate services of IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)NoYesUnknown
IP 2 CountryMap an IP to a countryNoYesUnknown
IP Address DetailsFind geolocation with ip addressNoYesUnknown
IP VigilanteFree IP Geolocation APINoYesUnknown
ip-apiFind location with IP address or domainNoNoUnknown
IP2LocationIP geolocation web service to get more than 55 parametersapiKeyYesUnknown
IP2ProxyDetect proxy and VPN using IP addressapiKeyYesUnknown
ipapi.coFind IP address location informationNoYesYes
ipapi.comReal-time Geolocation & Reverse IP Lookup REST APIapiKeyYesUnknown
IPGEOUnlimited free IP Address API with useful informationNoYesUnknown
ipgeolocationIP Geolocation AP with free plan 30k requests per monthapiKeyYesYes
IPInfoDBFree Geolocation tools and APIs for country, region, city and time zone lookup by IP addressapiKeyYesUnknown
Kakao MapsKakao Maps provide multiple APIs for Korean mapsapiKeyYesUnknown
keycdn IP Location FinderGet the IP geolocation data through the simple REST API. All the responses are JSON encodedapiKeyYesUnknown
LocationIQProvides forward/reverse geocoding and batch geocodingapiKeyYesYes
Longdo MapInteractive map with detailed places and information portal in ThailandapiKeyYesYes
MapboxCreate/customize beautiful digital mapsapiKeyYesUnknown
MapQuestTo access tools and resources to map the worldapiKeyYesNo
MexicoMexico RESTful zip codes APINoYesUnknown
NominatimProvides worldwide forward / reverse geocodingNoYesYes
One Map, SingaporeSingapore Land Authority REST API services for Singapore addressesapiKeyYesUnknown
OnWaterDetermine if a lat/lon is on water or landNoYesUnknown
Open Topo DataElevation and ocean depth for a latitude and longitudeNoYesNo
OpenCageForward and reverse geocoding using open dataapiKeyYesYes
openrouteservice.orgDirections, POIs, isochrones, geocoding (+reverse), elevation, and moreapiKeyYesUnknown
OpenStreetMapNavigation, geolocation and geographical dataOAuthNoUnknown
Pinball MapA crowdsourced map of public pinball machinesNoYesYes
positionstackForward & Reverse Batch Geocoding REST APIapiKeyYesUnknown
PostaliMexico Zip Codes APINoYesYes
PostcodeData.nlProvide geolocation data based on postcode for Dutch addressesNoNoUnknown
Postcodes.ioPostcode lookup & Geolocation for the UKNoYesYes
Queimadas INPEAccess to heat focus data (probable wildfire)NoYesUnknown
REST CountriesGet information about countries via a RESTful APINoYesYes
RoadGoat CitiesCities content & photos APIapiKeyYesNo
Rwanda LocationsRwanda Provences, Districts, Cities, Capital City, Sector, cells, villages and streetsNoYesUnknown
SLFGerman city, country, river, databaseNoYesYes
SpotSenseAdd location based interactions to your mobile appapiKeyYesUnknown
TelizeTelize offers location information from any IP addressapiKeyYesYes
TomTomMaps, Directions, Places and Traffic APIsapiKeyYesYes
UebermapsDiscover and share maps with friendsapiKeyYesUnknown
US ZipCodeValidate and append data for any US ZipCodeapiKeyYesYes
Utah AGRCUtah Web API for geocoding Utah addressesapiKeyYesUnknown
ViaCepBrazil RESTful zip codes APINoYesUnknown
What3WordsThree words as rememberable and unique coordinates worldwideapiKeyYesUnknown
Yandex.Maps GeocoderUse geocoding to get an object’s coordinates from its addressapiKeyYesUnknown
ZipCodeAPIUS zip code distance, radius and location APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Zippopotam.usGet information about place such as country, city, state, etcNoNoUnknown
ZiptasticGet the country, state, and city of any US zip-codeNoYesUnknown


Bank Negara Malaysia Open DataMalaysia Central Bank Open DataNoYesUnknown
BCLawsAccess to the laws of British ColumbiaNoNoUnknown
BrazilCommunity driven API for Brazil Public DataNoYesYes
Brazil Central Bank Open DataBrazil Central Bank Open DataNoYesUnknown
Brazil Receita WSConsult companies by CNPJ for Brazilian companiesNoYesUnknown
Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Open DataProvides legislative information in Apis XML and JSON, as well as files in various formatsNoYesNo
Census.govThe US Census Bureau provides various APIs and data sets on demographics and businessesNoYesUnknown
City, BerlinBerlin(DE) City Open DataNoYesUnknown
City, GdańskGdańsk (PL) City Open DataNoYesUnknown
City, GdyniaGdynia (PL) City Open DataNoNoUnknown
City, HelsinkiHelsinki(FI) City Open DataNoYesUnknown
City, LvivLviv(UA) City Open DataNoYesUnknown
City, Nantes Open DataNantes(FR) City Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
City, New York Open DataNew York (US) City Open DataNoYesUnknown
City, Prague Open DataPrague(CZ) City Open DataNoNoUnknown
City, Toronto Open DataToronto (CA) City Open DataNoYesYes
Code.govThe primary platform for Open Source and code sharing for the U.S. Federal GovernmentapiKeyYesUnknown
Colorado Information MarketplaceColorado State Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Data USAUS Public DataNoYesUnknown
Data.govUS Government DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Data.parliament.ukContains live datasets including information about petitions, bills, MP votes, attendance and moreNoNoUnknown
Deutscher Bundestag DIPThis API provides read access to DIP entities (e.g. activities, persons, printed material)apiKeyYesUnknown
District of Columbia Open DataContains D.C. government public datasets, including crime, GIS, financial data, and so onNoYesUnknown
EPAWeb services and data sets from the US Environmental Protection AgencyNoYesUnknown
FBI WantedAccess information on the FBI Wanted programNoYesUnknown
FECInformation on campaign donations in federal electionsapiKeyYesUnknown
Federal RegisterThe Daily Journal of the United States GovernmentNoYesUnknown
Food Standards AgencyUK food hygiene rating data APINoNoUnknown
Gazette Data, UKUK official public record APIOAuthYesUnknown
Gun PolicyInternational firearm injury prevention and policyapiKeyYesUnknown
INEIPeruvian Statistical Government Open DataNoNoUnknown
Interpol Red NoticesAccess and search Interpol Red NoticesNoYesUnknown
Istanbul (İBB) Open DataData sets from the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB)NoYesUnknown
National Park Service, USData from the US National Park ServiceapiKeyYesYes
Open Government, ACTAustralian Capital Territory Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, ArgentinaArgentina Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, AustraliaAustralian Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, AustriaAustria Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, BelgiumBelgium Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, CanadaCanadian Government Open DataNoNoUnknown
Open Government, ColombiaColombia Government Open DataNoNoUnknown
Open Government, CyprusCyprus Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, Czech RepublicCzech Republic Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, DenmarkDenmark Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, EstoniaEstonia Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, FinlandFinland Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, FranceFrench Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, GermanyGermany Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, GreeceGreece Government Open DataOAuthYesUnknown
Open Government, IndiaIndian Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, IrelandIreland Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, ItalyItaly Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, KoreaKorea Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, LithuaniaLithuania Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, LuxembourgLuxembourgish Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, MexicoMexican Statistical Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, MexicoMexico Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, NetherlandsNetherlands Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, New South WalesNew South Wales Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, New ZealandNew Zealand Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, NorwayNorwegian Government Open DataNoYesYes
Open Government, PeruPeru Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, PolandPoland Government Open DataNoYesYes
Open Government, PortugalPortugal Government Open DataNoYesYes
Open Government, Queensland GovernmentQueensland Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, RomaniaRomania Government Open DataNoNoUnknown
Open Government, Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, SingaporeSingapore Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, SlovakiaSlovakia Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, SloveniaSlovenia Government Open DataNoYesNo
Open Government, South Australian GovernmentSouth Australian Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, SpainSpain Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, SwedenSweden Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, SwitzerlandSwitzerland Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, TaiwanTaiwan Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, ThailandThailand Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, UKUK Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, USAUnited States Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, Victoria State GovernmentVictoria State Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, West AustraliaWest Australia Open DataNoYesUnknown
PRC Exam ScheduleUnofficial Philippine Professional Regulation Commission’s examination scheduleNoYesYes
Represent by Open NorthFind Canadian Government RepresentativesNoYesUnknown
UK Companies HouseUK Companies House Data from the UK governmentOAuthYesUnknown
US Presidential Election Data by TogaTechBasic candidate data and live electoral vote counts for top two parties in US presidential electionNoYesNo
USA.govAuthoritative information on U.S. programs, events, services and moreapiKeyYesUnknown
USAspending.govUS federal spending dataNoYesUnknown


CMS.govAccess to the data from the CMS - medicare.gov apiKeyYesUnknown
CoronavirusHTTP API for Latest Covid-19 DataNoYesUnknown
Coronavirus in the UKUK Government coronavirus data, including deaths and cases by regionNoYesUnknown
Covid Tracking ProjectCovid-19 data for the USNoYesNo
Covid-19Covid 19 spread, infection and recoveryNoYesYes
Covid-19Covid 19 cases, deaths and recovery per countryNoYesYes
Covid-19 DatenhubMaps, datasets, applications and more in the context of COVID-19NoYesUnknown
Covid-19 Government ResponseGovernment measures tracker to fight against the Covid-19 pandemicNoYesYes
Covid-19 IndiaCovid 19 statistics state and district wise about cases, vaccinations, recovery within IndiaNoYesUnknown
Covid-19 JHU CSSEOpen-source API for exploring Covid19 cases based on JHU CSSENoYesYes
Covid-19 Live DataGlobal and countrywise data of Covid 19 daily Summary, confirmed cases, recovered and deathsNoYesYes
Covid-19 PhilippinesUnofficial Covid-19 Web API for Philippines from data collected by DOHNoYesYes
COVID-19 Tracker CanadaDetails on Covid-19 cases across CanadaNoYesUnknown
COVID-19 Tracker Sri LankaProvides situation of the COVID-19 patients reported in Sri LankaNoYesUnknown
COVID-IDIndonesian government Covid data per provinceNoYesYes
Dataflow Kit COVID-19COVID-19 live statistics into sites per hourNoYesUnknown
FoodData CentralNational Nutrient Database for Standard ReferenceapiKeyYesUnknown
Healthcare.govEducational content about the US Health Insurance MarketplaceNoYesUnknown
Humanitarian Data ExchangeHumanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) is open platform for sharing data across crises and organisationsNoYesUnknown
InfermedicaNLP based symptom checker and patient triage API for health diagnosis from textapiKeyYesYes
LAPISSARS-CoV-2 genomic sequences from public sourcesNoYesYes
LexigramNLP that extracts mentions of clinical concepts from text, gives access to clinical ontologyapiKeyYesUnknown
MakeupMakeup InformationNoNoUnknown
MyVaccinationVaccination data for MalaysiaNoYesUnknown
NPPESNational Plan & Provider Enumeration System, info on healthcare providers registered in USNoYesUnknown
NutritionixWorlds largest verified nutrition databaseapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Data NHS ScotlandMedical reference data and statistics by Public Health ScotlandNoYesUnknown
Open DiseaseAPI for Current cases and more stuff about COVID-19 and InfluenzaNoYesYes
openFDAPublic FDA data about drugs, devices and foodsapiKeyYesUnknown
Orion HealthMedical platform which allows the development of applications for different healthcare scenariosOAuthYesUnknown
QuarantineCoronavirus API with free COVID-19 live updatesNoYesYes


AdzunaJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown
ArbeitnowAPI for Job board aggregator in Europe / RemoteNoYesYes
ArbeitsamtAPI for the “Arbeitsamt”, which is a german Job board aggregatorOAuthYesUnknown
CareerjetJob search engineapiKeyNoUnknown
DevITjobs UKJobs with GraphQLNoYesYes
FindworkJob boardapiKeyYesUnknown
GraphQL JobsJobs with GraphQLNoYesYes
Jobs2CareersJob aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown
JoobleJob search engineapiKeyYesUnknown
JujuJob search engineapiKeyNoUnknown
Open SkillsJob titles, skills and related jobs dataNoNoUnknown
ReedJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown
The MuseJob board and company profilesapiKeyYesUnknown
UpworkFreelance job board and management systemOAuthYesUnknown
USAJOBSUS government job boardapiKeyYesUnknown
WhatJobsJob search engineapiKeyYesUnknown
ZipRecruiterJob search app and websiteapiKeyYesUnknown

Machine Learning​

AI For ThaiFree Various Thai AI APIapiKeyYesYes
ClarifaiComputer VisionOAuthYesUnknown
CloudmersiveImage captioning, face recognition, NSFW classificationapiKeyYesYes
DeepcodeAI for code reviewNoYesUnknown
DialogflowNatural Language ProcessingapiKeyYesUnknown
EXUDE-APIUsed for the primary ways for filtering the stopping, stemming words from the text dataNoYesYes
Hirak FaceAPIFace detection, face recognition with age estimation/gender estimation, accurate, no quota limitsapiKeyYesUnknown
ImaggaImage Recognition Solutions like Tagging, Visual Search, NSFW moderationapiKeyYesUnknown
InferdoComputer Vision services like Facial detection, Image labeling, NSFW classificationapiKeyYesUnknown
IPS OnlineFace and License Plate AnonymizationapiKeyYesUnknown
IrisnetRealtime content moderation API that blocks or blurs unwanted images in real-timeapiKeyYesYes
Keen IOData AnalyticsapiKeyYesUnknown
MachinetutorsAI Solutions: Video/Image Classification & Tagging, NSFW, Icon/Image/Audio Search, NLPapiKeyYesYes
MessengerX.ioA FREE API for developers to build and monetize personalized ML based chat appsapiKeyYesYes
NLP CloudNLP API using spaCy and transformers for NER, sentiments, classification, summarization, and moreapiKeyYesUnknown
OpenVisionAPIOpen source computer vision API based on open source modelsNoYesYes
PerspectiveNLP API to return probability that if text is toxic, obscene, insulting or threateningapiKeyYesUnknown
Roboflow UniversePre-trained computer vision modelsapiKeyYesYes
SkyBiometryFace Detection, Face Recognition and Face GroupingapiKeyYesUnknown
Time DoorA time series analysis APIapiKeyYesYes
UnpluggForecasting API for timeseries dataapiKeyYesUnknown
WolframAlphaProvides specific answers to questions using data and algorithmsapiKeyYesUnknown


7digitalApi of Music store 7digitalOAuthYesUnknown
AI MasteringAutomated Music MasteringapiKeyYesYes
AudiomackApi of the streaming music hub AudiomackOAuthYesUnknown
BandcampAPI of Music store BandcampOAuthYesUnknown
BandsintownMusic EventsNoYesUnknown
FreesoundMusic SamplesapiKeyYesUnknown
GaanaAPI to retrieve song information from GaanaNoYesUnknown
GeniusCrowdsourced lyrics and music knowledgeOAuthYesUnknown
GenrenatorMusic genre generatorNoYesUnknown
iTunes SearchSoftware productsNoYesUnknown
JioSaavnAPI to retrieve song information, album meta data and many more from JioSaavnNoYesUnknown
KKBOXGet music libraries, playlists, charts, and perform out of KKBOX’s platformOAuthYesUnknown
KSoft.Si LyricsAPI to get lyrics for songsapiKeyYesUnknown
Lyrics.ovhSimple API to retrieve the lyrics of a songNoYesUnknown
OpenwhydDownload curated playlists of streaming tracks (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc…)NoYesNo
PhishinA web-based archive of legal live audio recordings of the improvisational rock band PhishapiKeyYesNo
Radio BrowserList of internet radio stationsNoYesYes
SongkickMusic EventsapiKeyYesUnknown
Songlink / OdesliGet all the services on which a song is availableapiKeyYesYes
SongsterrProvides guitar, bass and drums tabs and chordsNoYesUnknown
SoundCloudWith SoundCloud API you can build applications that will give more power to control your contentOAuthYesUnknown
SpotifyView Spotify music catalog, manage users’ libraries, get recommendations and moreOAuthYesUnknown
TasteDiveSimilar artist API (also works for movies and TV shows)apiKeyYesUnknown
VagalumeCrowdsourced lyrics and music knowledgeapiKeyYesUnknown


apilayer mediastackFree, Simple REST API for Live News & Blog ArticlesapiKeyYesUnknown
Associated PressSearch for news and metadata from Associated PressapiKeyYesUnknown
Chronicling AmericaProvides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of CongressNoNoUnknown
CurrentsLatest news published in various news sources, blogs and forumsapiKeyYesYes
FeedbinRSS readerOAuthYesUnknown
GNewsSearch for news from various sourcesapiKeyYesYes
Graphs for CoronavirusEach Country separately and Worldwide Graphs for Coronavirus. Daily updatesNoYesYes
Inshorts NewsProvides news from inshortsNoYesUnknown
MarketAuxLive stock market news with tagged tickers + sentiment and stats JSON APIapiKeyYesYes
New York TimesThe New York Times Developer NetworkapiKeyYesUnknown
NewsHeadlines currently published on a range of news sources and blogsapiKeyYesUnknown
NewsDataNews data API for live-breaking news and headlines from reputed news sourcesapiKeyYesUnknown
NewsXGet or Search Latest Breaking News with ML Powered Summaries
NPR OnePersonalized news listening experience from NPROAuthYesUnknown
Spaceflight NewsSpaceflight related news
The GuardianAccess all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and sectionapiKeyYesUnknown
The Old ReaderRSS readerapiKeyYesUnknown
TheNewsAggregated headlines, top story and live news JSON APIapiKeyYesYes
TroveSearch through the National Library of Australia collection of 1000s of digitised newspapersapiKeyYesUnknown

Open Data​

18FUnofficial US Federal Government API DevelopmentNoNoUnknown
API SetuAn Indian Government platform that provides a lot of APIS for KYC, business, education & employmentNoYesYes
Archive.orgThe Internet ArchiveNoYesNo
Black History FactsContribute or search one of the largest black history fact databases on the webapiKeyYesYes
BotsArchiveJSON formatted details about Telegram Bots available in databaseNoYesUnknown
Callook.infoUnited States ham radio callsignsNoYesUnknown
CARTOLocation Information PredictionapiKeyYesUnknown
CollegeScoreCard.ed.govData on higher education institutions in the United StatesNoYesUnknown
Enigma PublicBroadest collection of public dataapiKeyYesYes
French Address SearchAddress search via the French GovernmentNoYesUnknown
GENESISFederal Statistical Office GermanyOAuthYesUnknown
Joshua ProjectPeople groups of the world with the fewest followers of ChristapiKeyYesUnknown
KaggleCreate and interact with Datasets, Notebooks, and connect with KaggleapiKeyYesUnknown
LinkPreviewGet JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URLapiKeyYesYes
Lowy Asia Power IndexGet measure resources and influence to rank the relative power of states in AsiaNoYesUnknown
Microlink.ioExtract structured data from any websiteNoYesYes
Nasdaq Data LinkStock market dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Nobel PrizeOpen data about nobel prizes and eventsNoYesYes
Open Data MinneapolisSpatial (GIS) and non-spatial city data for MinneapolisNoYesNo
openAFRICALarge datasets repository of African open dataNoYesUnknown
OpenCorporatesData on corporate entities and directors in many countriesapiKeyYesUnknown
OpenSanctionsData on international sanctions, crime and politically exposed personsNoYesYes
PeakMetricsNews articles and public datasetsapiKeyYesUnknown
Recreation Information DatabaseRecreational areas, federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resources(US)apiKeyYesUnknown
Scoop.itContent Curation ServiceapiKeyNoUnknown
SocrataAccess to Open Data from Governments, Non-profits and NGOs around the worldOAuthYesYes
TeleportQuality of Life DataNoYesUnknown
Umeå Open DataOpen data of the city Umeå in northen SwedenNoYesYes
Universities ListUniversity names, countries and domainsNoYesUnknown
University of OsloCourses, lecture videos, detailed information for courses etc. for the University of Oslo (Norway)NoYesUnknown
UPC databaseMore than 1.5 million barcode numbers from all around the worldapiKeyYesUnknown
Urban ObservatoryThe largest set of publicly available real time urban data in the UKNoNoNo
WikidataCollaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia FoundationOAuthYesUnknown
WikipediaMediawiki EncyclopediaNoYesUnknown
YelpFind Local BusinessOAuthYesUnknown

Open Source Projects​

CountlyCountly web analyticsNoNoUnknown
Creative Commons CatalogSearch among openly licensed and public domain worksOAuthYesYes
DatamuseWord-finding query engineNoYesUnknown
Evil Insult GeneratorEvil InsultsNoYesYes
GitHub Contribution Chart GeneratorCreate an image of your GitHub contributionsNoYesYes
GitHub ReadMe StatsAdd dynamically generated statistics to your GitHub profile ReadMeNoYesYes
MetabaseAn open source Business Intelligence server to share data and analytics inside your companyNoYesYes
ShieldsConcise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster formatNoYesUnknown


EPOEuropean patent search system apiOAuthYesUnknown
PatentsViewAPI is intended to explore and visualize trends/patterns across the US innovation landscapeNoYesUnknown
TIPOTaiwan patent search system apiapiKeyYesUnknown
USPTOUSA patent api servicesNoYesUnknown


Advice SlipGenerate random advice slipsNoYesUnknown
Biriyani As A ServiceBiriyani images placeholderNoYesNo
Dev.toAccess Forem articles, users and other resources via APIapiKeyYesUnknown
DictumAPI to get access to the collection of the most inspiring expressions of mankindNoYesUnknown
FavQs.comFavQs allows you to collect, discover and share your favorite quotesapiKeyYesUnknown
FOAASFuck Off As A ServiceNoNoUnknown
ForismaticInspirational QuotesNoNoUnknown
icanhazdadjokeThe largest selection of dad jokes on the internetNoYesUnknown
InspirationMotivational and Inspirational quotesNoYesYes
kanye.restREST API for random Kanye West quotesNoYesYes
kimiquotesTeam radio and interview quotes by Finnish F1 legend Kimi RäikkönenNoYesYes
MediumCommunity of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideasOAuthYesUnknown
Programming QuotesProgramming Quotes API for open source projectsNoYesUnknown
Quotable QuotesQuotable is a free, open source quotations APINoYesUnknown
Quote GardenREST API for more than 5000 famous quotesNoYesUnknown
quoteclearEver-growing list of James Clear quotes from the 3-2-1 NewsletterNoYesYes
Quotes on DesignInspirational QuotesNoYesUnknown
Stoicism QuoteQuotes about StoicismNoYesUnknown
They Said So QuotesQuotes Trusted by many fortune brands around the worldNoYesUnknown
TraitifyAssess, collect and analyze PersonalityNoYesUnknown
Udemy(instructor)API for instructors on UdemyapiKeyYesUnknown
Vadivelu HTTP CodesOn demand HTTP Codes with imagesNoYesNo
Zen QuotesLarge collection of Zen quotes for inspirationNoYesYes


Abstract Phone ValidationValidate phone numbers globallyapiKeyYesYes
apilayer numverifyPhone number validationapiKeyYesUnknown
Cloudmersive ValidateValidate international phone numbersapiKeyYesYes
Phone SpecificationRest Api for Phone specificationsNoYesYes
VeriphonePhone number validation & carrier lookupapiKeyYesYes


apilayer screenshotlayerURL 2 ImageNoYesUnknown
APITemplate.ioDynamically generate images and PDFs from templates with a simple APIapiKeyYesYes
BruzuImage generation with query stringapiKeyYesYes
CheetahOPhoto optimization and resizeapiKeyYesUnknown
DagpiImage manipulation and processingapiKeyYesUnknown
DuplyGenerate, Edit, Scale and Manage Images and Videos Smarter & FasterapiKeyYesYes
DynaPicturesGenerate Hundreds of Personalized Images in MinutesapiKeyYesYes
FlickrFlickr ServicesOAuthYesUnknown
Getty ImagesBuild applications using the world’s most powerful imageryOAuthYesUnknown
GfycatJiffier GIFsOAuthYesUnknown
GiphyGet all your gifsapiKeyYesUnknown
Google PhotosIntegrate Google Photos with your apps or devicesOAuthYesUnknown
ImseaFree image searchNoYesUnknown
Lorem PicsumImages from UnsplashNoYesUnknown
ObjectCutImage Background removalapiKeyYesYes
PexelsFree Stock Photos and VideosapiKeyYesYes
PhotoRoomRemove background from imagesapiKeyYesUnknown
PlaceKeanuResizable Keanu Reeves placeholder images with grayscale and young Keanu optionsNoYesUnknown
Readme typing SVGCustomizable typing and deleting text SVGNoYesUnknown
Remove.bgImage Background removalapiKeyYesUnknown
ReSmush.itPhoto optimizationNoNoUnknown
shutterstockStock Photos and VideosOAuthYesUnknown
SirvImage management solutions like optimization, manipulation, hostingapiKeyYesUnknown


CodeforcesGet access to Codeforces dataapiKeyYesUnknown
HackerearthFor compiling and running code in several languagesapiKeyYesUnknown
Judge0 CEOnline code execution systemapiKeyYesUnknown
KONTESTSFor upcoming and ongoing competitive coding contestsNoYesUnknown
MintlifyFor programmatically generating documentation for codeapiKeyYesYes

Science & Math​

arcsecond.ioMultiple astronomy data sourcesNoYesUnknown
arXivCurated research-sharing platform: physics, mathematics, quantitative finance, and economicsNoYesUnknown
COREAccess the world’s Open Access research papersapiKeyYesUnknown
GBIFGlobal Biodiversity Information FacilityNoYesYes
iDigBioAccess millions of museum specimens from organizations around the worldNoYesUnknown
inspirehep.netHigh Energy Physics info. systemNoYesUnknown
isEven (humor)Check if a number is evenNoYesUnknown
ISROISRO Space Crafts InformationNoYesNo
ITISIntegrated Taxonomic Information SystemNoYesUnknown
Launch Library 2Spaceflight launches and events databaseNoYesYes
Materials Platform for Data ScienceCurated experimental data for materials scienceapiKeyYesNo
Minor Planet Center Asterank.com InformationNoNoUnknown
NASANASA data, including imageryNoYesNo
NASA ADSNASA Astrophysics Data SystemOAuthYesYes
NewtonSymbolic and Arithmetic Math CalculatorNoYesNo
NoctuaREST API used to access NoctuaSky featuresNoYesUnknown
NumbersNumber of the day, random number, number facts and anything else you want to do with numbersapiKeyYesNo
NumbersFacts about numbersNoNoNo
Ocean FactsFacts pertaining to the physical science of OceanographyNoYesUnknown
Open NotifyISS astronauts, current location, etcNoNoNo
Open Science FrameworkRepository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etcNoYesUnknown
Purple AirReal Time Air Quality MonitoringNoYesUnknown
Remote CalcDecodes base64 encoding and parses it to return a solution to the calculation in JSONNoYesYes
SHAREA free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activitiesNoYesNo
SpaceXCompany, vehicle, launchpad and launch dataNoYesNo
SpaceXGraphQL, Company, Ships, launchpad and launch dataNoYesUnknown
Sunrise and SunsetSunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitudeNoYesNo
Times AdderWith this API you can add each of the times introduced in the array sendedNoYesNo
TLESatellite informationNoYesNo
USGS Earthquake Hazards ProgramEarthquakes data real-timeNoYesNo
USGS Water ServicesWater quality and level info for rivers and lakesNoYesNo
World BankWorld DataNoYesNo
xMathRandom mathematical expressionsNoYesYes


Application Environment VerificationAndroid library and API to verify the safety of user devices, detect rooted devices and other risksapiKeyYesYes
BinaryEdgeProvide access to BinaryEdge 40fy scanning platformapiKeyYesYes
BitWardenBest open-source password managerOAuthYesUnknown
BotdBotd is a browser library for JavaScript bot detectionapiKeyYesYes
BugcrowdBugcrowd API for interacting and tracking the reported issues programmaticallyapiKeyYesUnknown
CensysSearch engine for Internet connected host and devicesapiKeyYesNo
ClassifyEncrypting & decrypting text messagesNoYesYes
Complete Criminal ChecksProvides data of offenders from all U.S. States and Pureto RicoapiKeyYesYes
CRXcavatorChrome extension risk scoringapiKeyYesUnknown
Dehash.ltHash decryption MD5, SHA1, SHA3, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512NoYesUnknown
EmailRepEmail address threat and risk predictionNoYesUnknown
EscapeAn API for escaping different kind of queriesNoYesNo
FilterListsLists of filters for adblockers and firewallsNoYesUnknown
FingerprintJS ProFraud detection API offering highly accurate browser fingerprintingapiKeyYesYes
FraudLabs ProScreen order information using AI to detect fraudsapiKeyYesUnknown
FullHuntSearchable attack surface database of the entire internetapiKeyYesUnknown
GitGuardianScan files for secrets (API Keys, database credentials)apiKeyYesNo
GreyNoiseQuery IPs in the GreyNoise dataset and retrieve a subset of the full IP context dataapiKeyYesUnknown
HackerOneThe industry’s first hacker API that helps increase productivity towards creative bug bounty huntingapiKeyYesUnknown
HashableA REST API to access high level cryptographic functions and methodsNoYesYes
HaveIBeenPwnedPasswords which have previously been exposed in data breachesapiKeyYesUnknown
Intelligence XPerform OSINT via Intelligence XapiKeyYesUnknown
LoginRadiusManaged User Authentication ServiceapiKeyYesYes
Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)Programmatic interfaces to engage with the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)NoYesUnknown
Mozilla http scannerMozilla observatory http scannerNoYesUnknown
Mozilla tls scannerMozilla observatory tls scannerNoYesUnknown
National Vulnerability DatabaseU.S. National Vulnerability DatabaseNoYesUnknown
PasswordinatorGenerate random passwords of varying complexitiesNoYesYes
PhishStatsPhishing databaseNoYesUnknown
Privacy.comGenerate merchant-specific and one-time use credit card numbers that link back to your bankapiKeyYesUnknown
PulsediveScan, search and collect threat intelligence data in real-timeapiKeyYesUnknown
SecurityTrailsDomain and IP related information such as current and historical WHOIS and DNS recordsapiKeyYesUnknown
ShodanSearch engine for Internet connected devicesapiKeyYesUnknown
SpyseAccess data on all Internet assets and build powerful attack surface management applicationsapiKeyYesUnknown
Threat JammerRisk scoring service from curated threat intelligence dataapiKeyYesUnknown
UK PoliceUK Police dataNoYesUnknown
VirusheeVirushee file/data scanningNoYesYes
VulDBVulDB API allows to initiate queries for one or more items along with transactional botsapiKeyYesUnknown


Best BuyProducts, Buying Options, Categories, Recommendations, Stores and CommerceapiKeyYesUnknown
Digi-KeyRetrieve price and inventory of electronic components as well as place ordersOAuthYesUnknown
Dummy ProductsAn api to fetch dummy e-commerce products JSON data with placeholder imagesapiKeyYesYes
eBaySell and Buy on eBayOAuthYesUnknown
EtsyManage shop and interact with listingsOAuthYesUnknown
Flipkart MarketplaceProduct listing management, Order Fulfilment in the Flipkart MarketplaceOAuthYesYes
LazadaRetrieve product ratings and seller performance metricsapiKeyYesUnknown
MercadolibreManage sales, ads, products, services and ShopsapiKeyYesUnknown
OctopartElectronic part data for manufacturing, design, and sourcingapiKeyYesUnknown
OLX PolandIntegrate with local sites by posting, managing adverts and communicating with OLX usersapiKeyYesUnknown
RappiManage orders from Rappi’s appOAuthYesUnknown
ShopeeShopee’s official API for integration of various services from ShopeeapiKeyYesUnknown
TokopediaTokopedia’s Official API for integration of various services from TokopediaOAuthYesUnknown
WooCommerceWooCommerce REST APIS to create, read, update, and delete data on wordpress website in JSON formatapiKeyYesYes


4chanSimple image-based bulletin board dedicated to a variety of topicsNoYesYes
AyrshareSocial media APIs to post, get analytics, and manage multiple users social media accountsapiKeyYesYes
aztroDaily horoscope info for yesterday, today, and tomorrowNoYesUnknown
BloggerThe Blogger APIs allows client applications to view and update Blogger contentOAuthYesUnknown
Cisco SparkTeam Collaboration SoftwareOAuthYesUnknown
Dangerous Discord DatabaseDatabase of malicious Discord accountsapiKeyYesUnknown
DiscordMake bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platformOAuthYesUnknown
DisqusCommunicate with Disqus dataOAuthYesUnknown
Doge-MemeTop meme posts from r/dogecoin which include ‘Meme’ flairNoYesYes
FacebookFacebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and moreOAuthYesUnknown
FoursquareInteract with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc)OAuthYesUnknown
Fuck Off as a ServiceAsks someone to fuck offNoYesUnknown
Full ContactGet Social Media profiles and contact InformationOAuthYesUnknown
HackerNewsSocial news for CS and entrepreneurshipNoYesUnknown
HashnodeA blogging platform built for developersNoYesUnknown
InstagramInstagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and moreOAuthYesUnknown
KakaoKakao Login, Share on KakaoTalk, Social Plugins and moreOAuthYesUnknown
LanyardRetrieve your presence on Discord through an HTTP REST API or WebSocketNoYesYes
LineLine Login, Share on Line, Social Plugins and moreOAuthYesUnknown
LinkedInThe foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedInOAuthYesUnknown
Meetup.comData about Meetups from Meetup.com apiKeyYesUnknown
Microsoft GraphAccess the data and intelligence in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise MobilityOAuthYesUnknown
NAVERNAVER Login, Share on NAVER, Social Plugins and moreOAuthYesUnknown
Open CollectiveGet Open Collective dataNoYesUnknown
PinterestThe world’s catalog of ideasOAuthYesUnknown
Product HuntThe best new products in techOAuthYesUnknown
RedditHomepage of the internetOAuthYesUnknown
RevoltRevolt open source Discord alternativeapiKeyYesUnknown
SaiditOpen Source Reddit CloneOAuthYesUnknown
SlackTeam Instant MessagingOAuthYesUnknown
TamTamBot API to interact with TamTamapiKeyYesUnknown
Telegram BotSimplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for botsapiKeyYesUnknown
Telegram MTProtoRead and write Telegram dataOAuthYesUnknown
TelegraphCreate attractive blogs easily, to shareapiKeyYesUnknown
TikTokFetches user info and user’s video posts on TikTok platformOAuthYesUnknown
Trash NothingA freecycling community with thousands of free items posted every dayOAuthYesYes
TumblrRead and write Tumblr DataOAuthYesUnknown
TwitchGame Streaming APIOAuthYesUnknown
TwitterRead and write Twitter dataOAuthYesNo
vkRead and write vk dataOAuthYesUnknown

Sports & Fitness​

API-FOOTBALLGet information about Football Leagues & CupsapiKeyYesYes
ApiMedicApiMedic offers a medical symptom checker API primarily for patientsapiKeyYesUnknown
balldontlieBalldontlie provides access to stats data from the NBANoYesYes
Canadian Football League (CFL)Official JSON API providing real-time league, team and player statistics about the CFLapiKeyYesNo
City BikesCity Bikes around the worldNoYesUnknown
CloudbetOfficial Cloudbet API provides real-time sports odds and betting API to place bets programmaticallyapiKeyYesYes
CollegeFootballData.comUnofficial detailed American college football statistics, records, and results APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Ergast F1F1 data from the beginning of the world championships in 1950NoYesUnknown
FitbitFitbit InformationOAuthYesUnknown
FootballA simple Open Source Football API to get squads’ stats, best scorers and moreX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
Football (Soccer) VideosEmbed codes for goals and highlights from Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and many moreNoYesYes
Football StandingsDisplay football standings e.g epl, la liga, serie a etc. The data is based on espn siteNoYesYes
Football-DataFootball data with matches info, players, teams, and competitionsX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
JCDecaux BikeJCDecaux’s self-service bicyclesapiKeyYesUnknown
MLB Records and StatsCurrent and historical MLB statisticsNoNoUnknown
NBA DataAll NBA Stats DATA, Games, Livescore, Standings, StatisticsapiKeyYesUnknown
NBA StatsCurrent and historical NBA StatisticsNoYesUnknown
NHL Records and StatsNHL historical data and statisticsNoYesUnknown
OddsmagnetOdds history from multiple UK bookmakersNoYesYes
OpenLigaDBCrowd sourced sports league resultsNoYesYes
Premier League StandingsAll Current Premier League Standings and StatisticsapiKeyYesUnknown
Sport DataGet sports data from all over the worldapiKeyYesUnknown
Sport List & DataList of and resources related to sportsNoYesYes
Sport PlacesCrowd-source sports places around the worldNoYesNo
Sport VisionIdentify sport, brands and gear in an image. Also does image sports captioningapiKeyYesYes
Sportmonks CricketLive cricket score, player statistics and fantasy APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Sportmonks FootballFootball score/schedule, news api, tv channels, stats, history, display standing e.g. epl, la ligaapiKeyYesUnknown
SquiggleFixtures, results and predictions for Australian Football League matchesNoYesYes
StravaConnect with athletes, activities and moreOAuthYesUnknown
SuredBitsQuery sports data, including teams, players, games, scores and statisticsNoNoNo
TheSportsDBCrowd-Sourced Sports Data and ArtworkapiKeyYesYes
TredictGet and set activities, health data and moreOAuthYesUnknown
WgerWorkout manager data as exercises, muscles or equipmentapiKeyYesUnknown


MIT (c) 2022 public-apis

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May 5, 2024
Еще один вид обоев, пригодных для ванной комнаты, — жидкие. По сути своей они очень напоминают цветную штукатурку, только их текстуру формируют текстильные нити, входящие в состав смеси. Нити могут быть хлопковыми, шелковыми или вискозными. Помимо них, в жидких обоях могут содержаться вкрапления определенного цвета. При высыхании на стене образуется плотный объемный слой, похожий на ткань, но более устойчивый к внешним воздействиям.

Geralddox commented
Работа, встречи с друзьями, хобби, семья — жизнь настолько насыщена, что на готовку остается мало времени. Даже поклонники домашней кулинарии порой не могут выкроить больше часа на приготовление ужина. В итоге одни заполняют холодильник полуфабрикатами, другие заказывают пиццу. Замороженные обеды хороши, когда нужно срочно подкрепиться, но не подходят для ежедневного питания. Стоит пересмотреть рацион, иначе проблем с ЖКТ не избежать.

Мой сайт
HardBoary commented
Всі малюки від народження тішать оточуючих своєю чарівною беззубою посмішкою. Але приблизно з піврічного віку їх ротики починають наповнюватися зубками. Прорізування зубів у кожного дитинку може протікати абсолютно по різному: хтось цей процес не помічає, а хтось мучиться безсонними ночами.

Сайт ilady.kharkiv.ua
PatriotPhace commented
Все дети обожают арахисовую пасту. Но ее можно не только намазывать на хлеб, но и использовать в выпечке. Попробуйте восхитительное печенье с арахисовой пастой! Хрустящее снаружи и мягкое внутри - идеально с какао или чашечкой теплого молока

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