Temporary rules

Hello community
First of all, it is important to respect the rules for the good agreement of all the community.
If a breach of the rules occurs (below), a sanction will be taken by a member of the forum moderation
. Please read the rules in their entirety!

The forum:
You can/must:

✓ Speak courteously.
✓ Be polite to staff members or even members.
✓ Keep personal information to yourself
✓ Share all you can without DRM or anything that might break sharing!

You can/must:

✓ Tag a member of the forum administration if there is any problem
✓ Reply to posts.
✓ Create posts that are fun to read.
✓ Publish your posts in the appropriate categories.
✓ Use the “edit” option to avoid posting multiple posts, if you have permission .

You cannot/should not:

X Create multiple accounts.
X Share personal information and passwords.
X Post images of a sexual, racist or discriminatory nature
X Make racist remarks, inciting hatred, etc.
X Insult members.
X Create topics leading to pirate links.
X Sharing resources containing DRMs, viruses etc.

Adult/Pornographic Content and Images:
This includes profile pages, avatars, signatures, topic comments, chats, shoutbox chat, and other user-editable text input.
The sharing of pornographic images/Accounts or the like is also prohibited. SECUHEX is not a porn site.


This includes creating a topic sharing a file that you may not have created. It is your responsibility to check for malicious files before sharing them. Actions will be taken whether or not it is done by you.
Le partage / propagation des éléments suivants est considéré comme une infraction: logiciels malveillants, virus, DoS / DDoS / outils / sites Web / ressources, outils DOXing / sites Web / ressources, réseaux de zombies, zombies, keyloggers, RAT, mineurs, créateurs de talons, outils de reliure, PDF / DOC / DOCX Exploits, Stabilisateurs combinés, Moniteurs de presse-papiers (changement d’adresse BTC, etc.)


Sharing a user’s personal information, whether it’s an old profile or even a country, is considered a violation. Everyone prefers to have different types of public information. Some don’t mind their country being public while others don’t. For this reason, no public or private information may be disclosed publicly.
This includes but is not limited to email addresses, profile pages, account information, addresses, screenshots, real names, relative information, real user pictures, etc.
Any violation is considered DOX’ing and is not tolerated at all, you will be permanently banned.

X Always respond with the same words on discussions.
X Bring up an old useless subject (2 weeks or more).
X Write several posts in a row (double-post).
X Insult someone in the comments or in their own post.

You must not:

X Copy an application. This will be noticed immediately and will be punished with a warning or even a ban!
X All advertising, whether in the signature, in conversation or even in a post, in short it is prohibited on the forum!

Possible sanctions:
Definitive/temporary banishment (if repeated) from the account or accounts

This site does not contain any illegal files. It only lists files available on the internet.
Also, it does not host any files on its servers. The manager of this site and/or its host cannot be held responsible for any illegal downloads!
No subscription will be refunded! Once the subscription purchased it and active on your account.
We will not be liable, using the secuhex service is at your own risk.
By using our website, you confirm that you have read these rules or BAN PERM.
The founders and the hosting of the site are in no way responsible for your actions.

I inform you that accounts or others on the forum .
You are also prohibited from advertising .

Attention, it is forbidden to leech:
X Repetition of characters or words, example: " Thank youiiiiiiiiiiii " or " Thank you thank you thank you ".
X SPAM message, example: " uybby ytrcvbni bbjnh uvutft cghvcaas ".
X Don’t always respond with the " same words ".
X Don’t Copy and Paste other post.
X Don’t bump your post many times a day.
NB: If you do not respect this warning your account will be banned from the forum.


You may notify the company under these terms, and send questions to the company, at [email protected].

The company may notify you under these terms using the e-mail address you provide for your account on the forum, or by posting a message to the homepage of the forum or your account page.


The company last updated these terms on Apr 25, 2021, and may update these terms again. The company will post all updates to the forum. For updates that contain substantial changes, the company agrees to e-mail you, if you’ve created an account and provided a valid e-mail address. The company may also announce updates with special messages or alerts on the forum.

Once you get notice of an update to these terms, you must agree to the new terms in order to keep using the forum.